Yes, yes it was. And it was most definitely needed.

We arrived at the hospital this morning to find Lila out of her Giraffe (her isolette/incubator/scary hospital bed thing), and in a crib! Granted, it was a hospital crib, full of fancy levers, bars, and gadgets, but a crib nonetheless. Her night nurse had also “dressed” her, and she was wearing a cute little pink and white striped shirt (no onesie, b/c of the central line still in her belly button), and she had put a little matching pink bow on her head.


She let out a couple of strong yells shortly after we arrived also, sounds we never thought we’d be thrilled to hear. We spoke with her morning nurse, Stephanie, who has been with Lila for the past three days, and who told us that she fed Lila 12ccs of milk from a bottle that morning too–a vast improvement from the barely 5ccs we were trying to get her to take on Tuesday. We also spoke with her neurologist, who told us her final EEG results came back, and there were no irregular abnormalities on it.

Now, it wasn’t ALL good news for us today. When we arrived, we knew that the night nurse had put in a feeding tube through her nose, because Lila wasn’t eating well last night. (We had called last night before bed, and knew about the tube, as well as that Lila had been given a nebulizer treatment to help with her raspy breathing, likely due to the ventilator.) It was slightly discouraging to see another tube coming out of her nose when we got there, but again, we knew it was for the best. And it also wasn’t the only way to feed her, as evident by Stephanie’s success feeding her via bottle this morning.

We also met with Lila’s attending physician, and found out that Lila is now going to be staying at Children’s until at least Tuesday. We initially were told to plan on a week, which would have meant she’d be out by Friday. So we’re adding about 4 days to her stay. This is due to many things: Lila has a follow-up MRI on Monday morning, for the hypothermia treatment. The neurologist says he does not expect to find anything irregular during this exam, and it is just routine for the treatment. Lila also needs to show that she can be fully off of her IV, and gain weight, as well as learn to nurse and improve on her suck/swallow/breathe routine (something all of you parents are familiar with). She’s had machines doing these things for her since minute one of her entrance into this world, and as such, is a little behind the learning curve.

Once Lila is discharged from Children’s, she does not necessarily get to come home. She may have to make a pit stop at MetroWest, where we had her. It will depend on what she shows us over the next few days. We are obviously hoping she can come straight home, but know that the doctors know what is best for Lila.

Even with that news, we had a great day. Lila got her first visitors, which was SO awesome to be able to do. My sister and brother came by in the late afternoon for just a few minutes, and were able to meet the little one. We know everyone is very excited to meet her, and it feels so incredibly good to be able to start introducing her to people. Over the next few days, some of our family will be coming by to meet Lila, and we couldn’t be happier. We are looking forward to Lila meeting all of you once she is home with us.

Overall today, Jon and I both were able to hold Lila a lot, feed her, and just be with her. Jon even took a little nap with her (I couldn’t resist this picture).


Supposedly before they fell asleep, Jon was telling Lila about how they were champion nappers, and should go around the world showcasing their talents.


Lastly, we just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the amazing support we’ve received. My mom told us tonight that a family friend had a Mass said for Lila today, at St. Charles in Pittsfield. We can’t even begin to vocalize how much all of this means to us. Your emails, phone calls, texts, blog comments, everything–it all helps more than you’ll know. We feel so loved, and can only hope to properly thank you all in person once things settle down here.

Love to all,
Meg & Jon