Jon and I can NOT believe that a week ago tonight, we were checking into the hospital, me in labor, and both of us scared and exhilarated at what was to come. What a week this has been, that’s for sure.

Lila had another good night last night, which was great. The only downside was needing to be fed via her feeding tube instead of the bottle–she isn’t much interested in that right now. But she took almost 28ccs from a bottle this morning, before we arrived, so yay!

Lila pretty much slept the day away today. Her Nana and Gumpa (Meg’s parents) visited in the afternoon for a little bit, which was wonderful. They were coincidentally and fortunately in town for the day with kids for a school trip, and we were thrilled they were able to come over to the hospital. Lila snoozed the entire time they were there! Pretty much nothing could wake this little girl today. We chalk it up to her recuperating after such a big week.


(Not her outfit, but loving her duck, as usual.)

Lila’s big events for today were trying nursing for the first time, and having her last IV line taken out of her belly button. Nursing is something that may take some extra time, as she had IVs feeding her for her first 4 days, and didn’t develop the reflex right off the bat. But she’ll get there. Having the IV taken out of her belly button was awesome, it was the last line that was connected to a machine. All that is attached to her now is her feeding tube (which we can feed her through with syringes, not hooked up to a machine), and her “leads”, which monitor her heartrate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.

Also, Lila can wear “regular” clothes! Which we love. We brought some comfy sleepers in from home for her to wear, it feels really good to be able to dress her in her clothes (well, hers, and her cousin Gracie’s, which make up most of Lila’s closet at this point!).


(Outfit borrowed from Cousin Gracie, bow still on, haha.)

That was really about all that we did today, although it felt much busier. The days just fly by when we’re with her. Leaving her at night is the hardest part of our day, especially on nights like tonight, when she is awake and content. This usually brings me to tears (not shocking, I’m sure, to those of you who know what a crier I am), and we just keep telling ourselves that each night away is one night closer to Lila being home with us. We’re counting the minutes.

Good night, sweet girl, we will see you tomorrow!


(Seriously, I don’t know why all her pictures have the duck in them. She just always has it next to her, so it’s always there.)