Tonight’s post is going to be super short, as we are at the hospital, and staying over tonight. This site is blocked on my computer, so I am using one in the Center for Families here. The shift key sticks, and I am not used to using a desktop PC at all.

Today was another quiet day for us, we mainly worked on feeding. Lila did AWESOME last night, and took 3 3 ounce bottles from her night nurse! She’s also been feeding “on demand” today, and has been doing great, even though I suspect she is a snacker…she’s kept me busy today! We are all very pleased with this progress.

Lila was moved again sometime last night, so she is in an even more private room. There is only one baby in there besides her, and it is super quiet. We think this is helping with her feeding, and are so glad she was moved. Because the room is more private, I am going to be staying in there with her tonight, on one of those pullout chairs. I have a feeling we are in for a long night, and I can’t WAIT. Our first night together with Lila! We’ve waited for this for 21 days.

Just posting one pic tonight, it takes too long to do this on this computer. See if you can guess what other big development took place today, from it. Wish us luck tonight, Lila is about to show everyone what she is made of!

Check me out!

Check me out!