I can’t decide if I am glad tonight’s post is going to be boring, or if I wish I had more to report. I’m leaning towards the former.

All we really did today was work on feeding again. As I’ve mentioned before, the weekends tend to be slow at the hospital, and not much happens (well, unless it needs to). So we arrived around 8:30am this morning, just as the little one was demanding to be fed. Lila did great at nursing all day, the most consistent I’ve seen yet. She’s still only going for about 15 minutes total, but in speaking with the lactation team at the hospital, she could very well be getting all she needs in those 15 minutes.

Lila’s nurses are keeping an eye on her weight, as this is one way to make sure she is eating enough (the other factors being her time spent nursing, as well as her diapers, which they weigh). Lila’s weight has dropped a little over the past day or so, and depending on who you ask, this could or could not be an issue. Lila never lost weight initially, as almost all newborns do, due to the trauma around her birth. In fact, she jumped up almost 2 pounds (she was 8lbs, 3oz at birth, and 10lbs, 1oz at her highest weight), due to the fluids the doctors loaded her up on. She has since come back down, and is hovering around 9 pounds today. One of her nurse practitioners isn’t concerned, as long as she doesn’t start consistently losing weight, because she said that our pedi will be keeping an eye on her once she is home with us, and we will also be having weekly visits with the VNA (Visiting Nurses Association) for a little bit, just to keep an eye on her progress. We are just hoping Lila’s doctor feels the same way.

I am a little stressed about this, as I think nursing, and feeding in general, are going great, and she is making progress daily. But if she is losing weight, I have to wonder if she’s eating enough. She seems content and full after each feeding, so I have to just realize we are both doing all we can, and will get the support we need from her doctors, should we need to figure out another solution to get her to gain weight. I’m just hoping Lila doesn’t lose weight tonight too, sigh. I feel like we’re *so close* to getting out of the hospital, and this could be another setback.

Lila slept a lot today, only waking to feed, and for one brief quiet alert period midday. She LOVES the boppy pillow I brought in for nursing, and takes 2-3 hour naps with me on it after almost every feeding. I feel like I’m hogging her from Jon, because she keeps passing out after eating. I told him he could wear the boppy and nap with her, but he hasn’t given in yet. I hope she’s resting up to get all of her strength back, so she can come home soon.

She is SO cute when she naps, I just sit and stare at her, and feel her wiggling her feet against my side, as she curls around me. It’s truly heaven.

We expect more of the same tomorrow, hopefully. Wish us luck that her weight stays around the same, and she wakes up to bother her night nurse, and demand food all night.

Adorableness, at its best

Adorableness, at its best

Sweet dreams, pretty girl, we love you.