Semi-cheesy 90s women power movie, or the current story of our lives? You pick.

Our first day home yesterday turned mighty interesting. Later in the afternoon, Jon went into the kitchen for something, and as I look up to see what he’s doing, I can see through the deck slider that the backyard is covered in smoke. Next I hear “honey? don’t freak out, but the fence in the backyard is on fire”–um, WHAT?! I was holding a sleeping Lila at the time, and run into the kitchen to see what was going on. I could see flames quickly making their way up the back length of the fence, and smell the smoke in the air.

Thankfully, the FD was already here (no sirens), and were already dragging a hose over to it. Jon went outside to talk to the firemen, and see if we’d need to leave (Paranoid Mom in effect, wondering about Lila inhaling any of the smoke seeping into the house). He came back a little bit later, we were fine to stay, as the fire was put out fairly quickly, and the smoke had already cleared. According to the firemen, the fire was either set, by “some punk kids” (quote from Jon), or was due to someone in one of the houses behind us flicking a lit cigarette off their porch (apparently their backyard is littered with cigarette butts…SO glad they aren’t directly behind us, and that we have the fence enclosing our yard). We have to decide if we want to file an insurance claim on this or not…ugh. Just what I feel like dealing with. The damage to the fence from our side is barely noticeable, so we have to talk it over and figure it out.

In other news, Lila’s first night at home went as well as could be expected. Jon slept through most of it (typical guy!), and I stared at her all night, jumping at any sound she made. I even jumped up when she was too quiet. Lila did so well, she would wake up (with my help) every 3ish hours, Jon would change her, I’d nurse her, and she’d head back to bed, with little fussing. She did spit up in the pack & play a while after each feeding, so I think tonight we’re going to try boosting one end of it up on books or something, and see if putting her on a slight incline will help. She burps after she eats (in case any of you were dying to know), so I’m not sure of the reason for the delayed spitting up, but I’ll be asking her pedi tomorrow.

Roxie is still making herself scarce, she’s more pissed at me, than at Jon. She’s hissing occasionally now, but will come down for food or to use her litter box. She’ll let Jon pet her, give me the evil eye, and slink back upstairs. Poor kitty. She’ll come around though, she has no choice.

Charlene, the VNA nurse, came this morning, and Lila was very well behaved for her. Charlene checked out her breathing, heartrate, and reflexes, and weighed her, and Lila slept through most of it, only waking at the end of Charlene’s visit because she was hungry. Charlene is going to come back on Friday, and thereafter a couple of times a week, just to check on her weight gain and see how she’s doing. We think this will help ease some of our concerns, and just make sure we’re on the right track with everything.

We also tried venturing out today, just a short trip to Babies R Us, so that my first trip out with her wouldn’t be by myself, tomorrow for her pedi appointment. I’m SO glad we did this. I made Jon let me do everything–put her in her car seat, drive, load/unload the stroller, and get her into and out of the car in her seat, and into and out of the stroller. Just so I could get more comfortable doing all of that, and Jon would be there to help if I needed it. I’ll feel better going out alone tomorrow, having done that today.

Now, Lila will tell you that her experience with her first trip out was a bit different. Girly had a meltdown almost minutes after we walked into BRU. Walking around with her in the stroller wasn’t helping, so I went into the Mother’s Room (is that what it’s called?), to see if she needed to be changed. She was inconsolable, so I tried to see if she’d take the bottle we brought. She sucked some of it down, and I changed her, and she still was miserable. After a few minutes of swaying and talking to her, she finally calmed down, so I went back out to Jon. We’d been gone like 15 minutes! I made a bunch of new friends in there as well. I can’t tell if the other moms felt bad for me, with Lila so unhappy, or thought I was crazy to bring a 3+ week old out in public. They were very sweet to me, and said they’d been there, so I was grateful for that. It’s crazy how Lila screaming made me feel like I should turn in my mom card, and try again later. I know babies cry, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Just had to get through my first Public Meltdown, I think.

Lila continued to be a very angry elf for the rest of the afternoon. I tried nursing her when I got home, and she ate like it was her first meal of the day. She, of course, promptly spit up most of it, all over herself, the boppy, and me. And the yelling started again, poor thing. I’m not sure why she was so angry today. I finally calmed her down again, and she snoozed on my chest for almost 2 hours–mom got a mini nap in as well, yay! Then we tried the eating again, and so far, that has stayed down.

She is now snoozing in her vibrating chair…well, as long as we keep turning the vibrating on. We are going to attempt Baby’s First Bath (at home; she had some at the hospital, which I’ve already posted about) once she wakes up, this should be interesting.

Content, as long as the chair doesn't stop vibrating

Content, as long as the chair doesn't stop vibrating

(Mum, sorry, no “fancy” pics yet. We’re still getting used to her. But there will be plenty in no time, I’m sure!)

I’m hoping to feel more at ease with her as the days go by. I will probably feel better after she sees her pedi tomorrow too, so he can reassure me that she’s not going to break any second. I know this will all take some getting used to, I just have to be patient. We are loving every second of her being home, even when we have no idea what to do. That will come, with time.