I can’t believe I didn’t post last night! The first time ever, since we started the blog. The night just got away from us (read: hysterical 4 week old), and I had to decide: blog, or bed. Bed had to win, we are running on fumes over here lately (as expected).

We are still adjusting to life with a newborn (is she still a newborn?? or an infant now?) over here, something I expect to be an ongoing process. I’m sure that as soon as we “solve” one thing, a new one will pop up. Such is life. I wish Jon could have time with us right now, instead of being at work. But I am glad he was there for most of her NICU stay, and wouldn’t have it any other way. That was far more stressful than right now is…I think.

The VNA nurse came again yesterday, to check up on Lila, and do a weight check. Lila gained 2.5oz from Wed-Fri, so I was thrilled. That means she’s getting enough to eat, even with incessant snacking and fast feedings. The nurse was also very happy to see Lila in her “quiet alert” and awake phase, and said that her reflexes and the noises she was making were great.

I finally brought out the Baby Bjorn yesterday also, to see if Lila would like it. True to form, the minute I put her down, to figure out how to put it on, she started screaming. I quickly snapped that sucker on as fast as I could, and stuck her in it, still screaming. Seconds later, she was fast asleep, snoring peacefully. WIN! I left her in it until I had to wake her for her next feeding, and was able to do a load of laundry, use the computer, and pick up around the house. I love this thing. I will try the Moby Wrap also once I have more time to play with 16 yards of fabric that don’t snap, button, or zip at all. That may take some practice.

We decided to try another bottle feeding when Jon got home last night. Giant Fail. Lila screamed hysterically for about an hour, while Jon patiently tried to get her to take the bottle, to no avail. We finally gave in, because Lila was burning more calories with her angry wailing, than she was taking in. So he handed her on over, and she pulled the old “nurse for 5 minutes and pass out on mom” routine, that is becoming her favorite.

Until last night, Lila was doing so well during the night. I don’t know if I jinxed us by mentioning it on Twitter, or if she was just in a snit from earlier in the night, but she would NOT sleep unless one of us was holding her. She also woke up every hour and a half, and wanted to eat. Needless to say, it was a LONG night for all of us. We are hoping that tonight will not be a repeat performance.

Today we took her for a walk around the neighborhood, it was such a beautiful day out. Lila’s great in her carseat at first, and as long as we are moving. God forbid we stop for any reason (say, to say hello to a neighbor)…little girl has some powerful lungs.

We’ve also been trying to alternate bottle feedings with nursing today. Still a work in progress, but she did take a couple of bottles today. Granted, we are only putting one ounce in each bottle, to avoid wasting more of the milk than we already have, but that is still progress for us. I may try picking up a couple of different types of bottles tomorrow, to see if she has a preference. We’re using Dr. Brown’s now, and while she will go for it occasionally, I just want to see what would happen if we tried something else.

Lila’s best hours in the day seem to be in the late morning. She is having a meltdown now, so I’m thinking it’s pretty much bedtime. This is always a hard time of night, as we’ve been together all day, and she just is inconsolable. I can’t wait until she outgrows this phase.

Oh, I did want to mention a little something about the future of the blog. I keep hearing about how many people are reading about us, and we are so appreciative of all the support we get from you all. I love that we are able to keep our family and friends updated on our lives, even though (hopefully) it may grow more mundane, now that Lila is home with us. I don’t know that I’ll be able to update this daily, especially now that the Little One demands to be held all the time, but we do plan to keep it updated regularly (meaning, a few times a week).

Also, once we are all a little more adjusted, the REAL fun can start–pictures! I haven’t really broken out the “fancy camera” just yet, because I barely have enough time to check email, nevermind use Photoshop, and create the images I’m used to creating…but that time will come. And I can’t WAIT.

A quick teaser, this is the only shot I’ve taken of Lila with the big camera so far. I just did a very quick edit on it also. (Grandparents–Not to worry, I have the big file of this, I can email to you when I have a sec.)

The day she came home, so cute!

The day she came home, so cute!