SO happy it’s Friday. As much as I love staying home with Lila all day during the week, I love the weekends even more now, because dad is home too.

Early Intervention came to the house on Wednesday this week, for their initial consultation. Because of Lila’s diagnosis (encephalopathy), she qualifies for EI’s services until she is 3 years old. They will mostly be monitoring her to ensure she is meeting milestones, and developing appropriately. This isn’t something we have to do, but since we qualify, we figure we should take advantage of it, if only for peace of mind. I will definitely appreciate knowing Lila is on track developmentally, and that we are doing everything we can to help her with this. EI not only works with Lila, but they also work with us, to show us exercises and methods we can employ to help Lila with her skills.

Based on their initial evaluation, Lila seems to be doing well. Granted, she is only 5 weeks old, so challenges can pop up at any time, as she gets older, but for right now, she is doing everything she should be doing for a baby her age. I know this goes without saying, but it was a relief to hear that. We will certainly be ready to help with any issues that may arise down the road, but it is encouraging to know, that right now, Lila is being a rockstar. She can pick up her head when placed on her belly, follow toys with her eyes, grasp my finger, and fix on someone’s face, to name a few things. However, EI didn’t evaluate the strength of her vocal cords, ability to projectile spit-up without making a sound, orsuccess at filling a newly changed diaper…but maybe that’s for the next visit? EI will be calling us over the next 2-3 weeks to set up our follow up appointments, and assign a case manager to us.

Lila’s Aunt Caitlin & cousin Gracie came over yesterday to hang out, which was fun. Her First Playdate! If only mom wasn’t so preoccupied with wiping up spit-up and calming the increasingly fussy Lila, I would have taken some pictures…oops. Next time! Gracie was very well behaved…except when she wouldn’t nap–she was having too much fun! And Lila started her daily meltdown early, just to show off to Aunt Cait, which was lovely. But Cait was able to give Lila a bottle–she’s come a long way from last week! She’s taking bottles daily now, we try to incorporate a couple in each day, in addition to nursing.

The VNA nurse came this morning also, to do a quick weight check on Lila, and to check in with me, and discuss any questions/issues. Lila is having NO trouble gaining weight, and gained 5oz over the last week–she’s at 9lb 11oz now! Charlene was very pleased with this, and we will likely only schedule one more visit with her, because Lila is doing so well.

Charlene and I also talked about some of the issues that are particularly hard for me right now. I have no idea why I am sharing all of this with “the internets”, but I would tell most of you who read this anyway, so why not?

One of the biggest things that is hard right now is Lila’s fussiness. She wants to be held ALL the time, and will scream and yell and fuss if you put her down for any period of time. She will also NOT nap during the day, unless she falls asleep while nursing, and can lay on me & the Boppy to nap. This doesn’t work out so well for me, as I end up trapped on the couch for hours at a time (not to mention setting a bad habit for Lila). We are going to work on putting her down for naps upstairs in her pack &’s attempt did not go so well. After letting her scream for about 10-15 minutes, I had to go “rescue” her. She quieted down the minute I picked her up.

I have also been wondering about Lila’s tummy–she seems particularly uncomfortable after eating sometimes, and I wonder if the spitting up is reflux related, or if my milk is upsetting her stomach. I’m going to try avoiding dairy for a couple of days, and see if that helps. If not, then I’ll be calling the pedi to discuss alternative options (formula, or Baby Zantac). We may be adding formula into the mix anyway, if only to help keep her full for longer periods of time, and eliminate the snacking she’s prone to.

Lila’s daily meltdowns are also tough for us. She starts up around 7pm, right as poor Jon is getting home from work. And she won’t settle down until 10 or 11, which is when we’ll be heading to bed ourselves. So Jon works a 12 hour day, to come home to an inconsolable infant, and has to help me (I’m at my wits’ end at this point) with her. We are trying a few options to avoid this, such as the car ride, Baby Bjorn, and putting her down to sleep early (this last one does NOT work at all yet).

I don’t want it to seem like I’m complaining, because we couldn’t be happier to have her home, and doing as well as she is. We love her more than anything, and these issues are just things we will figure out over time. Part of being New Parents that we haven’t mastered…yet. Little Lila best watch out, because we will win, oh yes, we will.

And with that, I’m off, because it is time for the nightly meltdown. I wonder what will be tonight’s solution–car ride? Bathrom fan? Or just sheer exhaustion?? Only time will tell.