This past week FLEW by, sorry it’s been so long since an update! I hope I remember everything that we did this week.

Lila had a Cardiology appointment at Children’s on Monday this past week. This was for an EKG, and to just see how she is doing since she’s been home.The EKG was normal, and the doctors who saw her said she looks like she’s doing great. We have to go back next month for a follow-up echo, to check on the mild depression in her heart function, that was seen on her previous echoes. The attending said that her most recent echo showed that her heart was almost back to “normal”, so this is mostly to just make sure things continue to head in the right direction.

Before that appointment happens, however, her doctor would like to have Lila wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours, to see how her heart functions over that time. This is something we will do at home (the monitor company will either send us the monitor, and instructions on how to use it, or will send someone out to the house to hook it up); we then mail the monitor back to the company, and they will upload all of the data stored in it, for the cardiologists to review. This is just another way the doctors can gather more info on Lila’s heart function, and to be sure she continues to improve.

We found out that day that Lila had gained 2 more ounces since her Friday VNA visit! She was up to 9lb 13oz as of then, the little chunker. We will be meeting with the VNA on Monday also, so we’ll see how much she’s gained this week. Knowing she’s consistently gaining weight is such a relief to us, as we now know that she is getting enough to eat, and retaining most of it (despite the constant spit-up).

I also had my follow-up appointment with my OB this week–I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks!! All is well with me, health-wise, so yay. It’s always strange to me when people (including my doctor) ask me how I’m feeling, after everything that’s happened. I honestly didn’t give my recovery a second thought, I was too preoccupied. So I can’t say if I’ve had a good, average, or poor recovery, and I have no idea if it was quick, average, or long. Which will make for an interesting comparison should there be more kiddos down the road.

Wednesday we had a playdate with my sister and niece, and one of our friends, Erin, and her 9 month old son, Jacob. Erin went to high school with Cait and I, and we found out semi-recently that we’d moved to the same town, so we get to hang out all the time now! It so helps knowing other moms in the area, and being able to get together–and to have someone to ask my crazy new mom questions to. These two are bearing the brunt of my nuttiness, so I’ll just have to ply them with wine to get them to continue to hang out with me, haha.

I haven’t taken any new pics of Grace since before Lila got here, I’m hoping to remedy that this week. So here is an old pic from Christmas, of the cutest little niece I know:


And here is the cute little guy who our girls will be fighting over someday:

Jacob 6mos

We also saw our other friends on Thursday (after Er & I shopped with the kids for a bit–they both slept almost the whole time, yay!), which was great. I’m loving having playdates with our friends, and getting to have Lila spend time with other kids. She tends to behave better when there are other people around, or when we’re out of the house, so let me know if anyone wants to meet up!

I also had a mini-photoshoot with Lila on Thursday, just to see how she’d do, and she was great. I know I posted a photo the other day from it, but here is another that I edited yesterday:


Dad was off on Friday, due to the Easter holiday, so he has been able to spend some quality time with us this weekend, it’s wonderful. My parents came down today for the night, so were here earlier–the whole fam was, actually, it was fun! A little overstimulating for the little one, but she did very well considering. Her Gumpa (my dad; “Gumpa” came from my mom’s dad, who was supposed to be “grandpa”, but I couldn’t say the word when I was little, so I called him Gumpa, and it stuck) was able to get her to fall asleep too, and she slept (on him, of course) for about a 1/2 hour. Nana was SO excited to play with her little granddaughter too, it took a while before anyone else was able to get near Lila, haha.

And that brings us to now. Dad and Lila are watching the Masters on tv, and we are hoping for a good night from little miss. Similar to my no-hitter analogy, we will not be talking about how Lila has let dad put her down in the pack & play at a reasonable hour for the past 3 nights, and we’ve been able to have some time to just chill and watch tv. We will also not be mentioning that her daily fits seem to be shortening in length. Because that would just not be smart, you know? No need to tempt fate!

I’ll leave you with one last pic, that should help answer a burning question for a few of you: how is Roxie handling things? Well, as you can see, she is doing MUCH better than we anticipated. She is almost back to her normal, high-strung self. There is no more hissing, only some concern when Lila is melting down.

A little peeved here, b/c Lila is on "her" bed

A little peeved here, b/c Lila is on "her" bed