Happy Easter!

No, we were not brave enough to bring Lila to church today…not just yet. But soon! We are lucky we didn’t attempt church either, because SOMEONE has been a total fusspot all day today.

I think I totally jinxed us by mentioning her shortening fits in yesterday’s post, because Lila was a disaster last night, from about 4pm-11pm, and has been a cranky bear all day today also. Jon is upstairs now, trying to work his magic on her…we shall see how long this takes!

Nana & Gumps stopped by today on their way home to the Berkshires, and of course, Lila behaved up until the very end of their visit. Nana happily handed a screaming babe back to her mom, but not before I snapped a quick shot of them with Lila in her Easter outfit (yes, I dressed her up a little, even though we didn’t go anywhere).

Lila w/ N&G

Jon’s sister Lyndsay also came over for a little bit, and true to form, Lila slept the ENTIRE time she was here! I swear, people must think we are making all this up, about her incessant fussing. I should take a video of the scene occurring upstairs as I write this, so you can all see that she does NOT sleep all the time.

Here are a couple more shots of Lila from today, I just had to show off her cute outfit (although, the pants weren’t supposed to be part of it…darn New England weather, and your 40 degree temps in mid-April!).

1st Easter


In this bottom pic, you can see what I think is a birthmark in her eyebrow–it looks like a freckle smear.