May 2009

Lila is three months old today! I feel like this past month FLEW by. She’s come so far this month, and I know it’s only going to get better, and time is going to move faster, from here on out.

I’ve been posting so much lately, that I don’t really have anything new to report on. Lila is still napping during the day (although, if anyone has tips on getting her to nap more soundly, or for longer periods of time, let me know!), she’s sleeping through the night (7-8pm until 6-7am), she’s eating well, nursing and bottle-feeding. She sucks her thumb, reaches for her toys, rolls onto her side, smiles when she sees Jon or I. She’s becoming more and more vocal, whether she’s talking to us, or to her toys.

I feel like she’s changing so much, on a daily basis, I can barely stand to be away from her (hence my little story about crying after the dentist last night, haha). And I LOVE IT. I love her. WE love her. It’s so amazingly wonderful, I don’t think I can properly put it in words.

We had yet another mini-photoshoot today, of course. We haven’t been doing the typical “month photos” that so many people do, and sometimes I wish I had done them. I suppose I could start now, or at 4 months, if I wanted, something to think about. In the meantime, here is Lila from today, 3 months old. I was playing with a bunch of hats I have at the house, just for fun.



This one KILLS me, I crack up every time I see it. It’s definitely coming out on Prom Night.


We love you, Bug, you are such an incredible blessing in our lives.


I made Lila laugh today.

Let me repeat that. I made Lila laugh today. Me!!

Oh my God, it was the best sound I have EVER heard. I hope I never forget what it sounded like. We were just hanging out this afternoon, and I decided to grab the camera and get some pics (ha, SO atypical of me). So we were playing on the small couch by the window in the living room, and I was just, you know “gootchie-gootchie-goo!!”ing her (not REALLY, but you know what I mean), to engage her in the little photoshoot. It was more like me swooping in and kissing her a bunch of times near her face/neck. I probably looked like a crazy person, to anyone watching outside, haha.

In the midst of my nuttiness, she let out this adorable little giggle. I leapt back from her, unsure if what I thought I heard was, in fact, a laugh. So I did it again. Got another laugh. The next time I did it, I kept my eyes on her face, and sure enough, Lila laughed again! I about died right then and there. I tried to capture it on camera, but Lila has already accepted her role of “photographer’s child”, and everything that goes with it. Read: she puts on her serious face the minute the camera gets near her face. I’m sure the temper tantrums are not far behind. The photo below is one of the closest I could get of this.


I can’t WAIT to try this again tomorrow. I have bunches of shots from today’s photoshoot, I have to get around to editing them to post here, because they are TOO CUTE.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the first time I missed Lila’s bedtime because I was at the dentist, so I cried about it. And then decided she was hungry, and got her up to eat. Hey, her eyes were open! For a second, anyway. 🙂

…your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I’m messing around with the blog’s appearance, just to make it a little “fancier”. So don’t be surprised if it looks different every time you stop by, at least for the next few days, until I make up my mind on what I want.

I am also using this blog as somewhat of a guinea pig, to try out some templates and designs before launching my photography blog and website. I’ve decided to keep the two (Lila’s & photography) separate, at least for the immediate time being. I hope to have at least the website up in the next couple of weeks, blog to follow shortly thereafter. In the meantime, I am booking for June and July now, so feel free to contact me if you were waiting for that announcement!

A quick cop-out shot of Miss L, I’ve been trying to stash a few “extras” around for nights when I don’t have time to upload and edit the photos I’ve taken that day.


We decided a couple of weeks ago that we were going to move Lila to her crib, in her own room, over this weekend. Jon was off of work on Monday, for the holiday, so we’d have an extra night to work on this with her. Jon and I both anticipated kind of a long weekend, with Lila fighting us on moving to a new, strange bed, in a room she hasn’t been in much. (We change and feed her in there, but not every time.) So when bedtime rolled around on Friday night, Jon put Lila down at what is becoming her normal time for now, around 7:30pm. We then settled in for what we were sure would be an interesting night with the little one.

And then she slept until 5:00am.


Granted, she did not sleep as late as she has been (6-7am), but she still slept through the night. She didn’t wake up fussing once, nor did she put up a fight when we put her down to sleep. I was the one who was up at 1am, 3am, 4am, etc. I was the one who slept with the video monitor on, next to my head, the whole night. And I was the one who bolted out of bed at her first sleepy cries, and pulled her into bed with me. Lila was just fine with moving into her own room, it’s like she’s already 15! I was so proud of Lila, yet at the same time, I wanted to backtrack, and stick her back in my room, and keep her teeny tiny forever. I have a feeling I’ll be experiencing this emotional tug of war many, MANY times, over the rest of my life.

Lila also did fine again last night, and slept until 6:30am. She’s adjusted (or is adjusting) to her room terrifically. She’s even NAPPING in her crib! The past few days (and I’m sure I’ll be jinxing us by even saying this, but I have to get it on the record officially) have been so wonderful with her. She naps (sometimes, anyway), she sleeps at night (shhhh, we’re not talking about this yet), and she’s not as fussy during the day. I’ve even stopped saying she’ll be an only child to people. 🙂

I feel like so much is happening with Lila these days, so you may see me posting more (I hope!). She’s rolling onto her side (which you’ve seen), she recognizes Jon and I, she’s starting to reach for her toys a little, and we are just bursting with pride and love for her. It’s like a Disney movie over here, people. So consider yourself warned.

As always, I’ll sign off with a snap of our little bug, I took this on her changing table yesterday. She was wearing her Hawaiian-flowered print terry cloth jumpsuit, one of my faves.


Her neurologist uttered these words to me yesterday, during Lila’s appointment, after checking her out and asking me a few questions. He said (picture a blond-haired, blue-eyed guy with a British accent) “she looks great, and she’s doing really well, if not a little ahead of herself”.

I’d be lying to you all if I said that I never thought I’d hear those words from one of Lila’s doctors. I have big hopes for this little girl, and she’s proven her strength to me on more than one occasion.

So, obviously, our appointment went really well. We will be seeing him again in 6 months, and will have another MRI done just before then, to verify all looks good.

We made a quick stop at the NICU on our way out to say hi to anyone who was around, which was fun. A few of Lila’s nurses were there, and it was great to “show her off” to them, so they can see how awesome she’s doing, and how she’s growing. They all agree that she is a looong baby (she’s 24″ already!). My favorite part about visiting them is that the receptionist announces that “Lila Moore is here for a visit”, and then whoever is around comes out to say hi (for obvious reasons, we can’t go into the NICU itself). She gave them a few smiles before starting to screech (feeding time!), so we headed out for a quick bottle before hitting the road. I was doing everything I could at this point to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic with her, as you all know that she HATES when she’s in her car seat and the car isn’t moving.

We still ended up leaving the hospital around 6pm, so I knew we were in for an interesting ride home…and I wasn’t disappointed. Lila screamed (and I do mean SCREAMED, ask Nana, I called her during this) most of the way home. These weren’t just annoyed “lady, move this car NOW” screams, they were the same screams she lets out when she gets shots. Turning purple, holding her breath, strangled, heartbreaking YELLS. Poor babe.

We obviously made it home in one piece, and the little one went straight to bed after dinner. She was much calmer today, woohoo.

A quick shot from our mini-shoot today. I am REALLY trying to capture her during one of her giant open-mouth grins, but no luck yet. She stops the minute I pick the camera up. Typical photographer’s kid!


Happy 12 weeks old, Lila! I can’t believe it’s been this long already. We love you more and more every day, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I am so in trouble now…this is what Miss Thing was doing all afternoon–rolling onto her side. And moving all around on her playmat. We have a mobile baby over here, I’m not ready for this!


*Who can name that song this lyric comes from? Easy one, people, don’t let me down!

Another weekend, gone in a flash. Tomorrow is another “long day” for me, Jon’s in class until 9pm, so I’m on Parent Patrol solo.

Even though it’s a long day, I can’t totally complain, because Lila has been doing great going down to sleep at night. Of course, I say this, and she’ll hear me, and throw me for a loop tomorrow night. But for the past week, she’s been going to bed between 7:30-8:30pm, and sleeping until 6am. I hope this is her settling into a routine, and not just messing with us!

Lila did well with the 2 shots she had on Friday. Yes, she SCREAMED, and turned purple, but I was able to calm her down by nursing her in the exam room. She took longer to calm down than last time, and yelled through the first few minutes of nursing, which amused me. She’d be eating, and then would stop, start yelling for about 10 seconds, and settle back down again. If I hadn’t felt so bad about having to hold her arms down while the nurse stuck her, I probably would have laughed about this. I know she’ll never remember these injections, but it doesn’t make it any easier on ME.

We had a low-key weekend, which is always good for us, until Lila is settled into more of a routine. We are still working on the napping thing–she lasted almost a whole HOUR in her pack & play today, a new record. She has been extra fussy later in the day for the past couple of days, we haven’t quite figured out why yet. Her pediatrician and I decided to take her off of the Prilosec on Friday, because we weren’t sure it was working. So I couldn’t decide if the added fussiness was a side effect of the shots, going off the Prilosec, trying to stack her feedings before going to bed for the night, or just plain irritation. I’m still not sure, but we’ll figure it out.

We have Lila’s big Neurology appointment on Wednesday this week. I am hoping that there will be nothing to report from it.

We are also working to get Lila into somewhat of a daily routine. She is dictating most of it, we are just trying to read her cues and go from there. I am SUCH a planner, and I know this will help ease my anxiety about every day, I just have to get Lila to agree. It’s hard playing this whole baby thing by ear, and not knowing what I’ll need to do from one hour to the next. But I will adjust, so I’m hanging in there.

And a quick shot of the little bug taken yesterday. I can’t wait until she can pick up her own head, so we can do some more interesting photos!


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