Early Intervention came yesterday afternoon, kicking off our time with them. An occupational therapist, Susan, will be coming twice a month, and we will be playing with Lila, and making sure she’s staying on track developmentally. Not that she’s “behind” right now (which I feel is a fairly subjective concept at this point anyway), but more to monitor her, and be proactive about her development. Because of all of the events surrounding Lila’s birth, as well as her official diagnosis (“encephalopathy”), we qualify for EI’s services until Lila reaches 3 years of age. At that point EI will turn her case over to the local school system, if we are still working with them. That will depend on how Lila is doing at that time.

Lila was great for the first half of Susan’s visit. She was playing on her playmat, hitting her toys (probably unintentionally at this point), and smiling for us. She also was showing off a little, and showing Susan that she knows how to suck her thumb now. She’s been doing this for about a week now, before she was just chewing on her hands. But she is now intentionally putting her left thumb into her mouth to try to sooth herself, which Susan says is advanced for her age–go, Lila!

Susan was able to get a lot of information out of our visit, and says that Lila is doing great. The two things we are going to work on for the next visit in two weeks are tracking toys with her eyes (which she can do, but wasn’t showing Susan), and NAPPING. Napping continues to be a battle for us. Lila loves to sleep on me, and will snooze in her car seat, as long as the car is moving. She will also take cat naps in her swing, no more than an hour though. But she still will not sleep in her pack & play. We are working on this–we do our little naptime routine, and she’ll nap for a MAX of 20 minutes, before she starts screaming. We’ll get there though, we have to.

Another one of Lila’s newfound loves is looking at herself in a mirror. She smiles at herself, and it’s the cutest thing in the world.

Today I made a goal for myself, which I accomplished, and am super happy about. This may seem ridiculous, but I’ve been avoiding putting Lila (in her car seat, of course) in a shopping cart. I just use her stroller for all of our errands, which can be tricky at times. The other day I had to pick up cat food & litter, and they wouldn’t both fit in the bottom of the stroller, so I was that awkward girl, carrying the box of litter in one hand, and one-handing the stroller with the other. I decided I had to conquer this fear of looking like a fool, trying to clip her seat to a shopping cart, and just do it already. So we headed out to Babies R Us today, to buy wipes. (Of course, I came home with wipes, a new vibrating chair, toys, and a stand-alone mirror…but that’s a story for another day…another blog even. No need to muck up Lila’s blog with tales of my shopaholism.)




Lila didn’t even seem to mind it, except for the parking lot part. It was VERY noisy wheeling across the asphault, and she had this look of vague terror on her face. But she didn’t cry once, and was awake for our whole trip. She made lots of friends in the store, cute little monster. Yay, one neurosis down, one million to go.

Stay tuned…tomorrow we have the pediatrician…complete with shots.