Another weekend, gone in a flash. Tomorrow is another “long day” for me, Jon’s in class until 9pm, so I’m on Parent Patrol solo.

Even though it’s a long day, I can’t totally complain, because Lila has been doing great going down to sleep at night. Of course, I say this, and she’ll hear me, and throw me for a loop tomorrow night. But for the past week, she’s been going to bed between 7:30-8:30pm, and sleeping until 6am. I hope this is her settling into a routine, and not just messing with us!

Lila did well with the 2 shots she had on Friday. Yes, she SCREAMED, and turned purple, but I was able to calm her down by nursing her in the exam room. She took longer to calm down than last time, and yelled through the first few minutes of nursing, which amused me. She’d be eating, and then would stop, start yelling for about 10 seconds, and settle back down again. If I hadn’t felt so bad about having to hold her arms down while the nurse stuck her, I probably would have laughed about this. I know she’ll never remember these injections, but it doesn’t make it any easier on ME.

We had a low-key weekend, which is always good for us, until Lila is settled into more of a routine. We are still working on the napping thing–she lasted almost a whole HOUR in her pack & play today, a new record. She has been extra fussy later in the day for the past couple of days, we haven’t quite figured out why yet. Her pediatrician and I decided to take her off of the Prilosec on Friday, because we weren’t sure it was working. So I couldn’t decide if the added fussiness was a side effect of the shots, going off the Prilosec, trying to stack her feedings before going to bed for the night, or just plain irritation. I’m still not sure, but we’ll figure it out.

We have Lila’s big Neurology appointment on Wednesday this week. I am hoping that there will be nothing to report from it.

We are also working to get Lila into somewhat of a daily routine. She is dictating most of it, we are just trying to read her cues and go from there. I am SUCH a planner, and I know this will help ease my anxiety about every day, I just have to get Lila to agree. It’s hard playing this whole baby thing by ear, and not knowing what I’ll need to do from one hour to the next. But I will adjust, so I’m hanging in there.

And a quick shot of the little bug taken yesterday. I can’t wait until she can pick up her own head, so we can do some more interesting photos!