We decided a couple of weeks ago that we were going to move Lila to her crib, in her own room, over this weekend. Jon was off of work on Monday, for the holiday, so we’d have an extra night to work on this with her. Jon and I both anticipated kind of a long weekend, with Lila fighting us on moving to a new, strange bed, in a room she hasn’t been in much. (We change and feed her in there, but not every time.) So when bedtime rolled around on Friday night, Jon put Lila down at what is becoming her normal time for now, around 7:30pm. We then settled in for what we were sure would be an interesting night with the little one.

And then she slept until 5:00am.


Granted, she did not sleep as late as she has been (6-7am), but she still slept through the night. She didn’t wake up fussing once, nor did she put up a fight when we put her down to sleep. I was the one who was up at 1am, 3am, 4am, etc. I was the one who slept with the video monitor on, next to my head, the whole night. And I was the one who bolted out of bed at her first sleepy cries, and pulled her into bed with me. Lila was just fine with moving into her own room, it’s like she’s already 15! I was so proud of Lila, yet at the same time, I wanted to backtrack, and stick her back in my room, and keep her teeny tiny forever. I have a feeling I’ll be experiencing this emotional tug of war many, MANY times, over the rest of my life.

Lila also did fine again last night, and slept until 6:30am. She’s adjusted (or is adjusting) to her room terrifically. She’s even NAPPING in her crib! The past few days (and I’m sure I’ll be jinxing us by even saying this, but I have to get it on the record officially) have been so wonderful with her. She naps (sometimes, anyway), she sleeps at night (shhhh, we’re not talking about this yet), and she’s not as fussy during the day. I’ve even stopped saying she’ll be an only child to people. 🙂

I feel like so much is happening with Lila these days, so you may see me posting more (I hope!). She’s rolling onto her side (which you’ve seen), she recognizes Jon and I, she’s starting to reach for her toys a little, and we are just bursting with pride and love for her. It’s like a Disney movie over here, people. So consider yourself warned.

As always, I’ll sign off with a snap of our little bug, I took this on her changing table yesterday. She was wearing her Hawaiian-flowered print terry cloth jumpsuit, one of my faves.