…your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I’m messing around with the blog’s appearance, just to make it a little “fancier”. So don’t be surprised if it looks different every time you stop by, at least for the next few days, until I make up my mind on what I want.

I am also using this blog as somewhat of a guinea pig, to try out some templates and designs before launching my photography blog and website. I’ve decided to keep the two (Lila’s & photography) separate, at least for the immediate time being. I hope to have at least the website up in the next couple of weeks, blog to follow shortly thereafter. In the meantime, I am booking for June and July now, so feel free to contact me if you were waiting for that announcement!

A quick cop-out shot of Miss L, I’ve been trying to stash a few “extras” around for nights when I don’t have time to upload and edit the photos I’ve taken that day.