I made Lila laugh today.

Let me repeat that. I made Lila laugh today. Me!!

Oh my God, it was the best sound I have EVER heard. I hope I never forget what it sounded like. We were just hanging out this afternoon, and I decided to grab the camera and get some pics (ha, SO atypical of me). So we were playing on the small couch by the window in the living room, and I was just, you know “gootchie-gootchie-goo!!”ing her (not REALLY, but you know what I mean), to engage her in the little photoshoot. It was more like me swooping in and kissing her a bunch of times near her face/neck. I probably looked like a crazy person, to anyone watching outside, haha.

In the midst of my nuttiness, she let out this adorable little giggle. I leapt back from her, unsure if what I thought I heard was, in fact, a laugh. So I did it again. Got another laugh. The next time I did it, I kept my eyes on her face, and sure enough, Lila laughed again! I about died right then and there. I tried to capture it on camera, but Lila has already accepted her role of “photographer’s child”, and everything that goes with it. Read: she puts on her serious face the minute the camera gets near her face. I’m sure the temper tantrums are not far behind. The photo below is one of the closest I could get of this.


I can’t WAIT to try this again tomorrow. I have bunches of shots from today’s photoshoot, I have to get around to editing them to post here, because they are TOO CUTE.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the first time I missed Lila’s bedtime because I was at the dentist, so I cried about it. And then decided she was hungry, and got her up to eat. Hey, her eyes were open! For a second, anyway. 🙂