Lila is three months old today! I feel like this past month FLEW by. She’s come so far this month, and I know it’s only going to get better, and time is going to move faster, from here on out.

I’ve been posting so much lately, that I don’t really have anything new to report on. Lila is still napping during the day (although, if anyone has tips on getting her to nap more soundly, or for longer periods of time, let me know!), she’s sleeping through the night (7-8pm until 6-7am), she’s eating well, nursing and bottle-feeding. She sucks her thumb, reaches for her toys, rolls onto her side, smiles when she sees Jon or I. She’s becoming more and more vocal, whether she’s talking to us, or to her toys.

I feel like she’s changing so much, on a daily basis, I can barely stand to be away from her (hence my little story about crying after the dentist last night, haha). And I LOVE IT. I love her. WE love her. It’s so amazingly wonderful, I don’t think I can properly put it in words.

We had yet another mini-photoshoot today, of course. We haven’t been doing the typical “month photos” that so many people do, and sometimes I wish I had done them. I suppose I could start now, or at 4 months, if I wanted, something to think about. In the meantime, here is Lila from today, 3 months old. I was playing with a bunch of hats I have at the house, just for fun.



This one KILLS me, I crack up every time I see it. It’s definitely coming out on Prom Night.


We love you, Bug, you are such an incredible blessing in our lives.