June 2009

This will be a super quick post, I just wanted to remember that Lila rolled from belly to back for the first time today! (She’s already done back to belly, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.)

We were playing on the floor late in the afternoon today, and I rolled her over for her dreaded tummy time. She is NOT a fan of tummy time, and it upsets her reflux, so we probably don’t do as much as we should. (This doesn’t worry us though, because she does so well with holding her head up and trying to sit up and everything.) So I rolled her over, and she propped herself up with her arms (this is another new trick, only in the past few days), and was sort of playing with her toys for a couple of minutes. Next thing I know, she stretches her left arm out in front of her head, and rolls over onto her back! She was SO proud of herself.

I was a little surprised she even did it, because she was extra fussy today. Not crying so much as just whining a lot, not napping for long, and wanting to eat a lot (I’ll just chalk it up to another growth spurt, haha). I tried to get her to do it again, but she wasn’t having it. Probably a combination of her fussiness, and it being late in the day, so she was pretty tired. But I fully plan on trying this again tomorrow. I can’t wait!

A pic from today:



aka, photo post. Yeah, I know, groan away. It’s almost bedtime, I’m running low on brain cells.

Not much new to report in the past few days. The RAIN is killing us, it’s just ridiculous how much rain we’ve had lately. We’ve had playdates the past three days with Cait & Gracie, and Erin & Jacob. We’ve hit all 3 of our houses, so we could all escape for a couple of days. Today the sun came out, miracle of all miracles, so we went to Southie to walk Castle Island. It was GORGEOUS out. And in typical Southie fashion, CI was packed. Oh, yes, you read that right. Packed, at noon, on a Thursday, and not with strollers and playgroups…anyway. We walked the kiddos around the fort for a bit, and then headed back to Cait’s for naptime and a late lunch for the mamas.

Castle Island

(A fisheye shot at Castle Island I took last winter.)

Early Intervention came yesterday, and went great. Lila showed off her desire to sit up, stand, and blow raspberries at everyone. She grabbed at her toys, and rolled onto her side. None of this is new to us, but it’s always kind of a relief when she “performs” when EI is here. Because I think she is perfect, and I want them to think so too.

As always, more recent shots of Lila, just us hanging out here at home:




I know that Lila will be wearing many white dresses during her lifetime. This weekend, she wore her first. Yesterday was Lila’s Baptism.

As most of you know, we live next door to a church, so we didn’t have very far to go (which was wonderful given all the nasty, rainy weather we’ve been having lately! I think at last count, 18 out of the past 22 days have been rain?? It’s seriously giving me an attitude problem, and we’re not seeing an end in sight yet). Some of our family was able to come for the day, which was great. We all sloshed through the puddles over to the church together, trying to escape the drizzly mist.

Lila was wonderful during the ceremony, and didn’t cry at all. She was on her best behavior the whole time, I was so proud of her. There were about 7 other babies being Baptized at the same time, which made things a little chaotic at the church. We were all at the altar at the same time, so pictures were difficult, to say the least. Thankfully, I gave my brother’s fiancee a quick tutorial on my camera, and she was able to take some pics for us.

(Leigh, you did great w/ my giant, heavy camera! You’re officially on duty for any upcoming functions, consider yourself warned.)

Here is a shot from the ceremony, I love it:


Lila wore the same gown that Gracie (Lila’s cousin, for those of you who are new) wore for her Baptism in December. My mom had it made out of her wedding dress, and it is just gorgeous. We’re honored she had it made, and can not wait to pass it around to all the grandkids, and their kids, someday.

Here’s a pic of the dress:


Lila’s godparents weren’t able to make it to the Christening, they are both glamorous jet-setters, and were on opposite sides of the world this weekend. Our dear friend Kim is Lila’s godmother. Kim is one of our closest friends, we met in college. She is also the person responsible for fixing Jon and I up. Kim lives in LA, and was coming home from Singapore this weekend, where she got to ride an elephant and pet tigers! I’m so jealous, I love those big kitties. Lila’s godfather is our great friend Josh, we also all met in college. Josh is traveling through Europe, taking classes for law school, and living it up. We think he was in Spain this past weekend. He’ll be back in August, and back to law school in DC. Since Kim and Josh weren’t able to make it, we asked my sister and Josh’s dad, Bob, to stand in for them. They did a wonderful job, and it was so nice of them to step in.

After the ceremony, we had everyone back to the house for some lunch, and to hang out. I never realized how adding two little munchkins to the mix would increase the chaos factor tenfold! I can only imagine a few years from now, when they’re running around, and sneaking sodas, like Cait, Bren, and I used to when we were little. It was nice to see everyone, and we hope you all had fun! We missed those of you who couldn’t make it, and will be seeing you all again soon, I’m sure. Thank you to everyone for all of your help yesterday!

As always, more Lila. These are of her in her Christening dress.




Now, I have to go figure out WHY, pray tell, she is awake at this hour. She NEVER does this. She would, however, in typical Lila fashion, be right on time…for the 4 month wakeful period.

The Holter monitor came off on Tuesday with no crying, yay! I was dreading pulling the sticky pads off of her, but she was a trooper, and didn’t cry at all. I don’t think she even noticed me taking them off, actually, she was too busy doing her new favorite thing: blowing raspberries in my face. It’s really the funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Have I mentioned that Lila’s cute yet today? No? Well, she is.



I took this yesterday at the park. We escaped out of the house for an hour, because our LOVELY New England weather forecast is calling for rain for the next, oh, week or so. So we went for a walk. It’s still tricky taking Lila outside to enjoy the nice weather, because she can’t be in direct sunlight at all, and can’t wear sunscreen. So I either have to make sure she is in the shade 100% of the time, or put her in long pants, a long shirt, hat, and still make sure the sun isn’t hitting her face. Bundling her up when it’s 70, 80, 90 degrees out isn’t really optimal, so we will be keeping her inside and in the shade until she is a few months older.

I don’t want to talk about the napping situation just yet, but just know that things seem to be coughgettingbettercough. Talk to me in a month. Same with her nighttime routine, although most of you already have heard about that from us. I just don’t want to jinx anything right now.

I don’t really have much new to report right now. So I’ll end with a couple more pics from the park.



And a random flower shot that I liked:


Less than two hours to go on the monitor! I can’t wait to take this thing off of her.

She doesn’t seem very bothered by it today, but yesterday, she was upset all afternoon. I can’t say for sure it was because of the monitor, or because she was still decompressing from the weekend, or from yet another growth spurt (she was cluster feeding all afternoon as well, so this could be the reason). But I think the monitor was at least part of the problem, because she has a lead (a sticky pad attached to a wire that goes into the monitor) under each arm, near her armpit. Which doesn’t make it easy to sleep on her side, which is how she sleeps these days. It also makes it trickier to pick her up, because I don’t want to press on the leads.

I am staring down the clock until 12:30pm.

I snapped these this morning, to show you what the monitor looks like.


(Like her new sleeper? I love it, she’s so retro, haha.)

You can see the monitor on the left side of the photo, above her hand. It’s probably about as big as a deck of cards. I ran the 5 wires that are attached to the leads down her body, so they come out near where her diaper is.


And here you can see one of the leads peeking out from her sleeper, just under her chin.

You may be wondering what I’m doing posting in the middle of the morning too–well, Lila has decided to take an hour and a half (and still counting!) NAP. I don’t know what has come over her, and keep staring at the monitor, waiting for the “ComegetmeNOWmom!!!” yell that I usually hear after about 40 minutes.

Oops, eyes are open, gotta run! It’s always so creepy to see her staring right at the monitor when she wakes up, especially when the infrared is on.

This weekend was our first weekend away from home since Lila was born. So, after I packed up our entire house (I wish I were exaggerating!), and Jon loaded it into the car, the three of us headed out to my parents’ house out in Western MA, for family-filled wedding weekend.

I fully admit, I was a little more than apprehensive about this trip. As you all know, Lila’s not exactly a “go-with-the-flow” kind of baby. She likes what she likes, and will NOT accept anything less (gee, I wonder where she gets that from?!). So I packed her “big-girl chair”, her playmat, toys, and 300 outfits, burp cloths, and bibs. I even packed her swing as the fail-safe. That is the only trick I know that will work 100% of the time when she’s having a fit. I had visions of her fussing the whole time, because she was in a strange place, not in her crib, and around a lot of people. I was convinced she wouldn’t sleep through the night out there, and was strategizing on where I could whisk her away to so she wouldn’t wake everyone up.

And then, once again, she proved me wrong. Oh, BOY, did she ever. She was awesome all weekend. She barely cried, played with everyone, showed off her little laughs and playful screeches, and was just wonderful in general.

We left Lila and Gracie with my brother and his fiancee while we all went off to the wedding on Saturday night. I was hopeful that Miss Lila would behave herself, and left them two pages of instructions (I know, I’m crazy!), for the three hours she’d be awake while we were gone. And Bren & Leigh did a FABULOUS job with the girls.

I, on the other hand, definitely had tears as I was leaving–not a surprise to me. This was the first time we were leaving Lila with anyone besides Jon or myself. And the first time I’d be away from her for more than two hours. So it was hard for me! But the wedding was beautiful, the bride looked gorgeous, and we had a great time.

Some pics from the weekend:


(Love this face Gracie makes!)



(On our walk to see the horses down the road from my parents’ place.)


(I LOVE this shot, how beautiful is that view?! It is just amazing out there, so relaxing and refreshing.)

Shockingly, I didn’t take ANY photos of Lila this weekend! I’ll have to remedy that asap.

Two final things:

– Lila rolled over for the first time tonight! And of course, I wasn’t here, no fair! Jon called while I was at the grocery store to tell me. You’ve all seen the evidence of how she rolls onto her side already. Apparently tonight, she was on her side, and just straightened out her legs, and kept going, onto her tummy. Of course, she couldn’t get back, after that, so Jon had to put her back on her back. I can’t believe I missed it! We WILL be practicing this tomorrow.

– Tomorrow Lila is having the Holter Monitor put back on her for 24 hours. Hopefully this will go smoothly! Now that she’s so much more active, I have to wonder if she’ll fuss with it.

And I wouldn’t end without at least one shot of Miss L, even if it isn’t the most current. This is from a couple of weeks ago, on the floor in her nursery.


I couldn’t resist sharing this shot of Lila from the other day. The LOOK on her face is just hysterical. I’m sure we will be seeing this face MANY times when she’s a teenager, if not sooner.


Quick update, the increase in her reflux meds seems to be helping. She still spits up, but we’re back at normal levels. As opposed to the “um, was that just the WHOLE feeding???” levels we were at on Monday.

She’s also getting SO vocal, and we love it. Not the screaming, so much (still ohmygodLOUD when she gets really upset), but her squeals, laughs, giggles, and coos are just awesome. She puts on such a serious face when we’re out and about, so not many people have been witness to this yet. I’m trying to convince Jon we need to get a Flip to record her.

I think I’m also at exersaucer time…she keeps trying to sit up straight in both of her chairs, and in her car seat. Lila wants so badly to be a “big kid”, she gets frustrated when she can’t do things (like sitting up). She hates tummy time, but is so good at holding her head up if she’s held upright, or if we’re holding her over our heads (note to us: STOP doing this right after she’s eaten, she’s going to miss the floor one of these times, and get YOU instead). Her favorite toys these days are her friend Red Robin, her playmat (the giraffe and monkey are her current faves), and her chairs (well, only one is hers; the other is on loan from a future boyfriend of hers). I know you don’t need the links, but visuals are always fun. Go with it.

We are heading out to my parents’ house this weekend, for a wedding, which should be interesting (the trip, not the wedding; the wedding will be awesome!). I bet I pack up our entire house to bring out there, and use 1/10th of what I bring. But it will be fun to hang with the fam, we haven’t been home since Christmas.

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