Wow, busy weekend over here! Fun, but busy. I’m still catching my breath, I think Lila is too, little one had herself QUITE the fit this afternoon. To the point that I may or may not have called Jon in a small panic, because I just KNEW something was wrong. Of course, she was fine a little while later, after I finally got her to calm down enough to nurse. And she was in bed by 6:45pm, for the second night in a row. I think she’s just exhausted from all the fun she’s been having. She was GREAT all weekend and today, up until about 3pm. So we’ll probably have a low-key day tomorrow, rest up, and relax.

Grandma and Grandpa (Grama & Grampa?? You guys tell me!) visited over the weekend, they made the drive up from VA. It was great to see them, and to have them be able to hang out with Lila. Grandpa hadn’t met Lila yet, and last time Grandma saw Lila, she was still in the hospital, and may have had some wires still attached to her. So this was a wonderful visit for all of us. Lila behaved so well all weekend, to the point that they are now convinced that we are making up all the stories about her fussiness! (Kidding, all around!) Lila’s just out to make us look bad to our parents, haha. And so it begins. πŸ™‚

I’m still going through pics we took while they were here, but here’s a quick one of Lila with her proud grandparents.


Sunday we took our longest car ride to date. Jon, Lila, and I drove to Dartmouth, MA, for a baby shower for one of our friends from college. She’s having a little girl in about 6 weeks, another friend for Lila! Lila again was a star child, and slept the whole way down, and the whole way back. Jon (aka, Mr. History) took Lila to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford while I was at the shower, and she learned all about the whaling industry, and its history in the state (gee, I SO wish I could have been there…HA). They came back to pick me up a little while later, and came in so Jon could say hi, and our friends could meet Lila.

Today we went into the city, spur of the moment, to hang with Aunt Cait and Gracie, and another one of our friends and her 4.5 month old, Noah. We all went for a walk by the ocean (quite a feat, getting out of the house with 3 moms and 3 babies, on 3 different schedules!), it was a gorgeous day out. I also put Lila in the Bjorn, facing out for the first time, so exciting! Apparently I’m being too hard on her (according to Cait, haha) when I say she can’t hold up her head, because she totally CAN. And she rocked the Bjorn, and LOVED looking around at everything on our walk.

So, based on all of the events above, I am attributing Lila’s hysteria tonight to pure exhaustion. I hope.

Here are a couple more pics of Miss L, I am trying to get May’s photos organized and backed up…my poor computer is SO full, it’s moving like I’m on dial-up these days.


This is Lila’s Attitude Face. Some of you may have seen this on Facebook already…are we in trouble or what?!


Grandma thinks Lila looks like an old lady here, haha. Too funny! The hat is way too big for her, so it looks all goofy. She’ll fit into it in like a year.