VERY quick post tonight, because it’s late, and mama will need double the caffeine tomorrow if I don’t get to bed soon. 🙂

I just wanted to remember/share a minor milestone: Lila is now facing out in both the Baby Bjorn and in the stroller!

We haven’t used the Bjorn in about a month, because last time we tried it (Marathon Monday), she hated not being able to see what was going on, and kept pecking at Jon’s chest, trying to turn her head. She wasn’t steady enough with her head back then to let her face out, so we just haven’t been using the Bjorn much. But we went to Southie on Monday to hang out w/ Cait & Gracie, and she convinced me to give it a go. Lila LOVED it. She had a blast for our whole hour long walk, by the ocean, and around Southie, it was great.


(Don’t mind me, it was hot out, I’m in a SWEATER…smart move.)


(Gracie flashing her top secret baby gangsta sign.)

So come Tuesday, I decided to try her in the stroller too (we have a Phil & Ted’s Sport stroller, w/ the doubles kit, so Gracie & Lila can ride together soon). Until now, she’s always ridden in the stroller in her car seat, which faces me. After checking with my Sounding Board (Jon & Cait), I buckled Lila into her stroller, sans car seat, and we took a little walk around the neighborhood. She might still be a tiny bit small for this, but she loved it, so we’ll take short walks this way until she grows another couple of inches.

(This is an iphone pic, sorry for the crummy quality!)


Time sure is flying these days! We are soaking up every second though, not to worry.