What’s that you say? You want more pictures of Lila? Instead of me rambling?

Sweet! That’s totally what I had in mind for this post.

See below for not-yet-seen photos of the little one, whose reflux meds were increased today, after a non-planned trip to the pedi, due to a hysterical and refusing-to-eat child. Who threw another fit at the doctor’s (good girl! show them I’m not crazy!), and has had a very upset tummy all day. Poor bug. I hope the increase in dose will help her have a better day tomorrow.

Oh, one quick thing, that I HAVE to note: the nurse weighed Lila at the doctor’s today. She was 11lbs, 11oz.


Those of you who know me know 11 is “my number”, and 11/11 is my birthday. So that was a fun little thing.

Onward to the photos, I’m sure most of you have stopped reading already, and are just scrolling to the cuteness. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. She’s irresistible.


(She’s scoping out the place, trying to see if she can escape the camera here.)


(Engaging in her favorite activity, finger-chewing.)


(Mini-photoshoot with dad at this new park we went to on Sunday. A new fave shooting location!)

Sooo, yeah. That’s all I have for today. Stay tuned for tales from our upcoming Big Weekend Away. First weekend away overnight (TWO NIGHTS!) with Lila, and first time leaving her with anyone (my brother & his fiance, for a few hours on Sat night while we go to a wedding). Place your bets now on who handles this better–us, or Lila.

My money’s on Lila.