I couldn’t resist sharing this shot of Lila from the other day. The LOOK on her face is just hysterical. I’m sure we will be seeing this face MANY times when she’s a teenager, if not sooner.


Quick update, the increase in her reflux meds seems to be helping. She still spits up, but we’re back at normal levels. As opposed to the “um, was that just the WHOLE feeding???” levels we were at on Monday.

She’s also getting SO vocal, and we love it. Not the screaming, so much (still ohmygodLOUD when she gets really upset), but her squeals, laughs, giggles, and coos are just awesome. She puts on such a serious face when we’re out and about, so not many people have been witness to this yet. I’m trying to convince Jon we need to get a Flip to record her.

I think I’m also at exersaucer time…she keeps trying to sit up straight in both of her chairs, and in her car seat. Lila wants so badly to be a “big kid”, she gets frustrated when she can’t do things (like sitting up). She hates tummy time, but is so good at holding her head up if she’s held upright, or if we’re holding her over our heads (note to us: STOP doing this right after she’s eaten, she’s going to miss the floor one of these times, and get YOU instead). Her favorite toys these days are her friend Red Robin, her playmat (the giraffe and monkey are her current faves), and her chairs (well, only one is hers; the other is on loan from a future boyfriend of hers). I know you don’t need the links, but visuals are always fun. Go with it.

We are heading out to my parents’ house this weekend, for a wedding, which should be interesting (the trip, not the wedding; the wedding will be awesome!). I bet I pack up our entire house to bring out there, and use 1/10th of what I bring. But it will be fun to hang with the fam, we haven’t been home since Christmas.