This weekend was our first weekend away from home since Lila was born. So, after I packed up our entire house (I wish I were exaggerating!), and Jon loaded it into the car, the three of us headed out to my parents’ house out in Western MA, for family-filled wedding weekend.

I fully admit, I was a little more than apprehensive about this trip. As you all know, Lila’s not exactly a “go-with-the-flow” kind of baby. She likes what she likes, and will NOT accept anything less (gee, I wonder where she gets that from?!). So I packed her “big-girl chair”, her playmat, toys, and 300 outfits, burp cloths, and bibs. I even packed her swing as the fail-safe. That is the only trick I know that will work 100% of the time when she’s having a fit. I had visions of her fussing the whole time, because she was in a strange place, not in her crib, and around a lot of people. I was convinced she wouldn’t sleep through the night out there, and was strategizing on where I could whisk her away to so she wouldn’t wake everyone up.

And then, once again, she proved me wrong. Oh, BOY, did she ever. She was awesome all weekend. She barely cried, played with everyone, showed off her little laughs and playful screeches, and was just wonderful in general.

We left Lila and Gracie with my brother and his fiancee while we all went off to the wedding on Saturday night. I was hopeful that Miss Lila would behave herself, and left them two pages of instructions (I know, I’m crazy!), for the three hours she’d be awake while we were gone. And Bren & Leigh did a FABULOUS job with the girls.

I, on the other hand, definitely had tears as I was leaving–not a surprise to me. This was the first time we were leaving Lila with anyone besides Jon or myself. And the first time I’d be away from her for more than two hours. So it was hard for me! But the wedding was beautiful, the bride looked gorgeous, and we had a great time.

Some pics from the weekend:


(Love this face Gracie makes!)



(On our walk to see the horses down the road from my parents’ place.)


(I LOVE this shot, how beautiful is that view?! It is just amazing out there, so relaxing and refreshing.)

Shockingly, I didn’t take ANY photos of Lila this weekend! I’ll have to remedy that asap.

Two final things:

– Lila rolled over for the first time tonight! And of course, I wasn’t here, no fair! Jon called while I was at the grocery store to tell me. You’ve all seen the evidence of how she rolls onto her side already. Apparently tonight, she was on her side, and just straightened out her legs, and kept going, onto her tummy. Of course, she couldn’t get back, after that, so Jon had to put her back on her back. I can’t believe I missed it! We WILL be practicing this tomorrow.

– Tomorrow Lila is having the Holter Monitor put back on her for 24 hours. Hopefully this will go smoothly! Now that she’s so much more active, I have to wonder if she’ll fuss with it.

And I wouldn’t end without at least one shot of Miss L, even if it isn’t the most current. This is from a couple of weeks ago, on the floor in her nursery.