Less than two hours to go on the monitor! I can’t wait to take this thing off of her.

She doesn’t seem very bothered by it today, but yesterday, she was upset all afternoon. I can’t say for sure it was because of the monitor, or because she was still decompressing from the weekend, or from yet another growth spurt (she was cluster feeding all afternoon as well, so this could be the reason). But I think the monitor was at least part of the problem, because she has a lead (a sticky pad attached to a wire that goes into the monitor) under each arm, near her armpit. Which doesn’t make it easy to sleep on her side, which is how she sleeps these days. It also makes it trickier to pick her up, because I don’t want to press on the leads.

I am staring down the clock until 12:30pm.

I snapped these this morning, to show you what the monitor looks like.


(Like her new sleeper? I love it, she’s so retro, haha.)

You can see the monitor on the left side of the photo, above her hand. It’s probably about as big as a deck of cards. I ran the 5 wires that are attached to the leads down her body, so they come out near where her diaper is.


And here you can see one of the leads peeking out from her sleeper, just under her chin.

You may be wondering what I’m doing posting in the middle of the morning too–well, Lila has decided to take an hour and a half (and still counting!) NAP. I don’t know what has come over her, and keep staring at the monitor, waiting for the “ComegetmeNOWmom!!!” yell that I usually hear after about 40 minutes.

Oops, eyes are open, gotta run! It’s always so creepy to see her staring right at the monitor when she wakes up, especially when the infrared is on.