I know that Lila will be wearing many white dresses during her lifetime. This weekend, she wore her first. Yesterday was Lila’s Baptism.

As most of you know, we live next door to a church, so we didn’t have very far to go (which was wonderful given all the nasty, rainy weather we’ve been having lately! I think at last count, 18 out of the past 22 days have been rain?? It’s seriously giving me an attitude problem, and we’re not seeing an end in sight yet). Some of our family was able to come for the day, which was great. We all sloshed through the puddles over to the church together, trying to escape the drizzly mist.

Lila was wonderful during the ceremony, and didn’t cry at all. She was on her best behavior the whole time, I was so proud of her. There were about 7 other babies being Baptized at the same time, which made things a little chaotic at the church. We were all at the altar at the same time, so pictures were difficult, to say the least. Thankfully, I gave my brother’s fiancee a quick tutorial on my camera, and she was able to take some pics for us.

(Leigh, you did great w/ my giant, heavy camera! You’re officially on duty for any upcoming functions, consider yourself warned.)

Here is a shot from the ceremony, I love it:


Lila wore the same gown that Gracie (Lila’s cousin, for those of you who are new) wore for her Baptism in December. My mom had it made out of her wedding dress, and it is just gorgeous. We’re honored she had it made, and can not wait to pass it around to all the grandkids, and their kids, someday.

Here’s a pic of the dress:


Lila’s godparents weren’t able to make it to the Christening, they are both glamorous jet-setters, and were on opposite sides of the world this weekend. Our dear friend Kim is Lila’s godmother. Kim is one of our closest friends, we met in college. She is also the person responsible for fixing Jon and I up. Kim lives in LA, and was coming home from Singapore this weekend, where she got to ride an elephant and pet tigers! I’m so jealous, I love those big kitties. Lila’s godfather is our great friend Josh, we also all met in college. Josh is traveling through Europe, taking classes for law school, and living it up. We think he was in Spain this past weekend. He’ll be back in August, and back to law school in DC. Since Kim and Josh weren’t able to make it, we asked my sister and Josh’s dad, Bob, to stand in for them. They did a wonderful job, and it was so nice of them to step in.

After the ceremony, we had everyone back to the house for some lunch, and to hang out. I never realized how adding two little munchkins to the mix would increase the chaos factor tenfold! I can only imagine a few years from now, when they’re running around, and sneaking sodas, like Cait, Bren, and I used to when we were little. It was nice to see everyone, and we hope you all had fun! We missed those of you who couldn’t make it, and will be seeing you all again soon, I’m sure. Thank you to everyone for all of your help yesterday!

As always, more Lila. These are of her in her Christening dress.




Now, I have to go figure out WHY, pray tell, she is awake at this hour. She NEVER does this. She would, however, in typical Lila fashion, be right on time…for the 4 month wakeful period.