aka, photo post. Yeah, I know, groan away. It’s almost bedtime, I’m running low on brain cells.

Not much new to report in the past few days. The RAIN is killing us, it’s just ridiculous how much rain we’ve had lately. We’ve had playdates the past three days with Cait & Gracie, and Erin & Jacob. We’ve hit all 3 of our houses, so we could all escape for a couple of days. Today the sun came out, miracle of all miracles, so we went to Southie to walk Castle Island. It was GORGEOUS out. And in typical Southie fashion, CI was packed. Oh, yes, you read that right. Packed, at noon, on a Thursday, and not with strollers and playgroups…anyway. We walked the kiddos around the fort for a bit, and then headed back to Cait’s for naptime and a late lunch for the mamas.

Castle Island

(A fisheye shot at Castle Island I took last winter.)

Early Intervention came yesterday, and went great. Lila showed off her desire to sit up, stand, and blow raspberries at everyone. She grabbed at her toys, and rolled onto her side. None of this is new to us, but it’s always kind of a relief when she “performs” when EI is here. Because I think she is perfect, and I want them to think so too.

As always, more recent shots of Lila, just us hanging out here at home: