This will be a super quick post, I just wanted to remember that Lila rolled from belly to back for the first time today! (She’s already done back to belly, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.)

We were playing on the floor late in the afternoon today, and I rolled her over for her dreaded tummy time. She is NOT a fan of tummy time, and it upsets her reflux, so we probably don’t do as much as we should. (This doesn’t worry us though, because she does so well with holding her head up and trying to sit up and everything.) So I rolled her over, and she propped herself up with her arms (this is another new trick, only in the past few days), and was sort of playing with her toys for a couple of minutes. Next thing I know, she stretches her left arm out in front of her head, and rolls over onto her back! She was SO proud of herself.

I was a little surprised she even did it, because she was extra fussy today. Not crying so much as just whining a lot, not napping for long, and wanting to eat a lot (I’ll just chalk it up to another growth spurt, haha). I tried to get her to do it again, but she wasn’t having it. Probably a combination of her fussiness, and it being late in the day, so she was pretty tired. But I fully plan on trying this again tomorrow. I can’t wait!

A pic from today: