July 2009

Today Lila is 5 months old.

Five months ago tonight, Lila was in the NICU at Children’s, dad at her side. I was in a hospital bed 25 miles away, my sister at my side. It’s crazy how much has happened in these past five months.

There really are no words to describe what her presence means to us…so I’m doing yet another photo-filled post. All of these are from this month, we’ve had quite the whirlwind.


(First time with her toes in the sand, West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA)


(First time with her toes in the ocean, West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA)


(Everyone’s waving at Mama Caitlin, my excellent assistant photographer!)


(Cracking up at her godmother.)


(Apparently she gets this look from me, according to Cait.)


(Playing with dad tonight.)


(Miss Serious, she was not feelin’ the photoshoot tonight. Long day on a road trip to Amherst.)

Happy 5 month birthday, Bean, you just get better and better every day. We love you more than we can ever say.


This summer is flying by!

Just a quick shot for now, Lila’s godmother, Kim, is here for a couple of days from LA. We’re having SO much fun, Lila loves her to pieces (as do we!). We’re leaving for the Berkshires on Saturday, for 5 days, so posting may be sporadic for the next week-ish. But we are still here, just busy with summer fun. I have more pics from our Cape trip coming up, as well as more from today, so stay tuned!


More to come soon, promise!

Again, with the quick, short post, we are just so busy these days!

The newest news, aside from Cardiology not needing to see Lila until she’s a year old (YAY!), is that she’s rolling over these days, constantly. Which makes naptime interesting–Lila likes to roll over in her sleep, onto her belly. She wakes up almost immediately, and is NOT pleased, so I have to run stairs all day, and flip her back over. She’s rolled 360 degrees a few times this week, but not in her crib yet (and I’m not sure if there’s even room for that at this point).

Mobile Baby makes mama nervous, haha. If I look away for ONE SECOND, she’s in a new place, new position. I know all you parents already know this, but I’m just flabbergasted at how quickly she moves.

We are taking Lila on a Photowalk of Boston tomorrow, I can’t wait to show her some of the city. I’m hoping she behaves for a little while!

Bedtime for this mama…Lila’s other new thing is to wake up at 4:30am. It’s lovely.

Today’s photos (taken today in our front yard):



(Thanks to Auntie Sarah for the AWESOME outfit, it is my current fave!!)

I would LOVE more hours in the day. There is so much going on lately!

I warned you all before, this month is ridiculously busy…and it’s true. I am SO backlogged on editing photos, and on updating here on Miss Thing.

As you can see from the time stamp, it is WELL past my bedtime. Especially when I have a 4 month old who refuses to nap these days. Oh yes, we’re back there. It is NOT FUN. I’m hoping this little phase is gone soon, because I am BEAT.

We spent the 4th at my sister & brother-in-law’s place in Southie, last year with the roof deck, so sad. They sold their condo, and are trying to buy a place out by us…if only the perfect place would go on the market! Lila was great that night, until it came time for bed. She refused to sleep at their place (a first, she ALWAYS naps there), and so we trudged home around 8:30, listening to a yelling Lila the whole way. We watched some of the fireworks on tv that night, in between consoling a VERY upset little girl. Sigh. There’s always next year, hopefully she won’t be so mad about her routine being interrupted.

Sunday we headed to CT to see Jon’s dad & stepmom, and the rest of the family. Lila was wonderful there, which was nice. Then we headed to the Cape to meet up with my parents (sans Jon, he had to work, poor guy). Lila was again lovely there, and napped like a champ. She only freaked a couple of times. 🙂

Aaand that brings us to this weekend. Wherein Lila has decided she doesn’t want, nor NEED, to nap. Nothing over 30 minutes for 3 days now. It’s been interesting, to say the least.

Yeah. I love caffeine these days.

A couple of photos from recently, only one of Lila…sorry. I’m working on getting some more of her, promise! This week is busy, but I will try to grab some updated pics. Miss L is rolling over now consistently, grabbing toys, and my mom and Jon are convinced she’s waving (I am not…yet). She also loves talking to her cousin Gracie, they have the most hilarious conversations.


(Lila’s cousin Maddie, she LOVES the camera, and rightfully so. How beautiful is she?!)


(Gracie, hamming it up for the camera, as usual. Love her.)


(I could take pics with her all day!)


(Would have been my parents’ Christmas card, but *someone* is being difficult…shocking.)


(Mama Caitlin, holding Lila, although you can’t see her.)

And, because I just cannot NOT post a pic of Lila:


We are heading to Children’s tomorrow, for a cardiology checkup. Fingers crossed all goes well!

It’s been busy over here, sorry for the lack of updates! I’m working hard on trying to get my photography website up and running, and it’s almost done! (Unless I decide to switch the template…which I’m pondering…or is that procrastinating? I’m good at that.)

Let’s see, where were we. Oh, yes. So, those of you on my Facebook or Twitter will probably already know this, but Lila is officially rolling over now! All. The. Time. Mostly back to belly, and then she gets stuck, and gets mad, and I have to flip her back over. She did belly to back that one time I mentioned on here, but hasn’t gotten there again since. Hopefully she will figure it out soon, I feel bad she gets so frustrated on her belly, because she is SO proud of herself for getting there. And the spit up…oh, boy. The spit up is so much worse when she does this. It had actually gotten a lot better lately, but all the new time on her belly is making it upset. I’m wondering if the newly upped does of reflux meds will help that at all.

Speaking of that, Lila had her 4 month pedi appointment on Monday. Including three more shots (one oral, 2 injection). HATE shots days. She took the oral like a champ. It was apparent that she didn’t like it, but she didn’t spit any out, and just sat with me, being awesome. Then we had to move her over to the table for the injections, and I, of course, had to hold her arms while the nurse jabbed each of her thighs once. The look she gives me when this happens will haunt me for the rest of my life, I’m sure. She was all happy and cooing at me, and then gets this look, like “MOM, WHAT IS THAT?? OWWWW, you’re supposed to protect me!!”…breaks my heart. I know she needs these shots, and that she has already forgotten about them, but it still kills me. I can’t stand seeing her in pain.

We also got her updated stats, and I know some of you are dying to know them. She weighed 12lbs, 11oz (28%), is 25.5” long (90%!), and her head circumference is 41.3cm (60%). She is TALL!


(Lila during her brief happy time after the doctor on Mon…)


(…which soon turned into this, and then fussing and crying for the rest of the afternoon.)

We saw friends of ours over the weekend, and picked up a new toy for Lila–an exersaucer (thanks for letting us borrow it, Coll!). She LOVES playing in this. We knew it was time for the next step up from the bouncy seats, when she kept trying to escape them. She is positively adamant about sitting up, not laying back AT ALL, and would constantly be throwing herself forward in the bouncy seats, so she was almost hanging over the sides. Since the restraints on those are bottom only, and not harness-style, we had to find another solution. And the exersaucer is perfect! She loves “standing” in it, and can spin herself around (probably unintentionally at this point) in it to play with everything.

Lila also loves yelling lately. She’s finding her voice, and loooves to squeal in my face, which I find hilarious. She’s also touching me intentionally now–grabbing my hands, arms, squeezing my nose and cheeks, poking me in the eye. I LOVE this.

While she’s not teething yet, she loves to chew on her hands, my hands, my ARM, you name it. We got her a Sophie last week, and WOW, what a hit! She LOVES Sophie. We were hoping she would, as her cousin Gracie loved Sophie, and so do some of her other friends. She gets a huge grin on her face when I show her Sophie, and will grab for her and shove her into her mouth, it’s adorable. She’s grabbing for her toys in general a lot more lately, instead of just “talking” to them. She also likes to sit with us while we read to her.


(Playing in her exersaucer. Note Sophie front and center.)

This month coming up is SO busy for us, I have to try to not get behind on here. The summer always tends to be busier for us anyway, but I wrote out our plans yesterday, and sheesh, it’s going to be nuts around here. It will be FUN, just crazy busy.