August 2009

Lila, you are six months old today. I can hardly believe it.

People always said that time would fly by, and I have to admit, during those periods of not napping, colic, and refusing to take a bottle, I was skeptical. But as I sit here on the couch, and see you staring me down from your exersaucer, I see that they were right. Hold on, baby girl, I’ll come play with you in a minute.



(I have decided to leave this post draft open all day, so I can add to it when I think of something else I want to say. There are just too many things I know I will forget if I attempt this in one sitting. So if it gets ramble-y, you know why.)


(Chillin’ in your stroller on our walk today.)

It’s astonishing to me how much you’ve changed, and how much you are still the exact same as you were on Day 1. You are still opinionated and strong, and you still get the hiccups all. the. time. But now you’re laughing, rolling over, sitting up, and being LOUD. Whether happy squeals while playing, or exhausted, angry cries, you certainly were blessed with a healthy set of lungs. I will happily take this loudness over the deafening silence we heard when you were first born.



(If you look *very* carefully, you can see two little teeth there on the bottom.)


(Caught, mid-raspberry. You do this all. day. long.)

You can also be SO serious. This is mostly when we’re out in public, or at friends’ houses, or somewhere new. It takes a little bit for you to crack a smile, and you’re content to sit with your dad or I, engaged in your favorite activity: people-watching.




(This is you towards the end of every day. Quiet, serious, and only wanting to sit with me. You love to cuddle, and it’s the cutest.)

You are certainly a demanding little girl. You know exactly what you want, and there is no telling you to “hold on a second”, or try to move whatever it is out of your sight. You are relentless when it comes to getting your way. We’ll have to have a talk about that in a year or so.

It amuses me to see what kind of mom I’m turning out to be. The things I always thought I’d never do, I’m doing. And the things I was definitely going to do, well…yeah. They aren’t all happening. I’m more laid back than I thought I would be. Except when it comes to sharing you. I’m still working on that one. I’m less judgmental than I used to be (yay, me!). I’m more patient. I play more, and dust less. I learn from you–I now see and hear things I have long let go by, because they aren’t new to me. Watching you take all of these things in, gives me a new appreciation for them.

I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed, is that I just had no idea how much I would love you. I mean, I knew I’d love you. I knew I would do anything for you. But I didn’t know that it would actually come across physically at times. I ache for you when you’re upset. And I feel weightless when I make you laugh, or you give me a giant grin just for looking in your direction.


Lila, you’re my little buddy. We’re together all day, every day, and I honestly can’t imagine it being any other way. I thank God every single day that I am able to spend this time with you. I know there will be no other time in either of our lives like it. I wish you could remember these days. And because you can’t, I have taken close to 4,000 pictures since you were born. You will be able to see what you were like, what we were like, back when it was just the three of us. (NO, I’m NOT pregnant! I’m just saying.)

I took the pictures above throughout yesterday, so you can see what our days are like. Of course, not all days are this way–there are days of more screaming, and days of less. There are play dates, shopping, and road trips. Long naps, short naps, no naps. Swings, people-watching, toy-flinging. And I couldn’t be happier. WE couldn’t be happier.

We love you more than words could ever say, Lila. Happy 6 months.


(You didn’t think you were going to get away with no food-face shots, did you? From dinner last night. Before you woke up TWICE, something you haven’t done since you were about 6 weeks old. Growth spurt? Teeth? Whatever it is, I say let’s make that a one-time thing.)


We took Lila on her first big road trip last week. We drove to Virginia, to visit her grandparents, and so she could meet her great-grandma. (She is Lila’s last great-grandparent, and we definitely want them to get in some quality time! I wish the rest of our grandparents could have met her.)

Lila did ok in the car. The way down was a bit…well…screamier, than the way home. Lila has never been a fan of being in her car seat for long periods of time, and we hit traffic pretty much the whole way down. I ended up sitting in the back with her for much of the ride down, and attempted to distract her as much as I could. We drove home late afternoon/evening, and she ended up sleeping for most of it, since it was bedtime.

Lila once again was fantastic away from home. She napped, slept at night, and in general, just proved to everyone that Jon and I must totally be making up all our stories about her fits and fussiness.

Virginia was beautiful–green, rolling hills, lots of horse farms, and the cutest downtown area. We were very close to DC, and got to see the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial from the highway on our way home. We can’t wait to take Lila there someday!

Surprisingly, I didn’t take too many photos while we were away. But we did manage to get a couple of definite keepers.


(Lila trying to chew on dad’s head. She loves sitting up there on his shoulders.)



(Lila with her great-grandma.)


(4 generations!)

And my fave shot:


(Joe, I didn’t get any pics with you or I in them! Next time, promise!)

Friday we stopped by a friend’s house on the way out of town, and I took these next photos with one of her lenses–which I am now in love with. (Jon, if you’re reading, take note!)




Tomorrow Lila will be 6 months old. I can NOT believe it. I am working on a different post for that, stay tuned. And maybe bring tissues.

Lila’s not always so sunny and cheerful…


(This was tooth #2 day…poor bug. Don’t worry, as soon as I took this shot, I scooped her up and she was all better. That pout guts me.)

Thankfully, she can snap out of it fairly easily. A favorite toy, eating, any kind of people-watching, and she’ll be ok for a little bit.

She’s also a ham for the camera, I love it.


I think we’ll keep her. 🙂


Until Lila is SIX MONTHS OLD. Wow, where did that time go??

As I mentioned in the last post, Lila has her first tooth! And wouldn’t you know it, she also has her second! It came in the day after the first one. Poor bean was a little…ah…cranky, to put it politely, for a couple of days. She’s much better now. LOVES gnawing on my finger, which hurts a whole lot more, with the new additions.

Just wanted to post a quick little post…mostly to show off this shot of Lila, which cracks me up.


We’re still here! Summer is FLYING by, I can’t believe how quickly. We’ve been so busy, and having so much fun, I just haven’t had time to update this little blog much.

Lila is doing awesome, she is getting more and more fun every day. She is sitting up now, and can sit unassisted for a little bit at a time. She’s still pretty wobbly, but she LOVES doing this. Shocking, right? Miss Independent!


(Sitting in the rocker in her room)

She is also rolling over all the time. She can stand to be on her belly for much longer now, before getting upset, and needing to be flipped back over–she knows HOW to roll all the way, but she doesn’t do this often yet. She LOVES playing in her exersaucer (“the office”), and her jumper (“the gym”), and loves to fling toys off these onto the floor.

We’ve started giving her rice cereal too–this was hilarious at first. The faces she makes are TOO funny. She was so not a fan at first, but now she loves it, and grabs for the spoon to try to feed herself…before sticking her thumb in her mouth, smearing cereal all over her face, and then all over the chair she’s sitting in.

The latest development (for those of you who don’t follow on FB or Twitter)…is that Lila has her first tooth! I think there are two, actually, but she won’t let me see them, she keeps sticking her tongue over her gums when I try to look. I can definitely feel one, the front bottom right. The bottom left is the other one that I think is coming through. Lila doesn’t really know what to make of it, she is constantly chewing on her bottom lip, and was extra fussy on Monday, when tooth #1 was breaking through. I can’t believe she ALREADY has teeth!

We are also gearing up for a road trip next week. We are driving to VA to see Lila’s grandma, grandpa, and great-grandma! We’re hoping Lila sleeps most of the way, so wish us luck! We’ll also be seeing some friends while we’re down there. It will be a fun trip!


(Lila with her grandparents, taken back in May)

Last little bit of info, my photography blog is officially up and running! So be sure to head over there and have a look around, and subscribe/sign up to stay in touch with the latest happenings at MJP.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!