We took Lila on her first big road trip last week. We drove to Virginia, to visit her grandparents, and so she could meet her great-grandma. (She is Lila’s last great-grandparent, and we definitely want them to get in some quality time! I wish the rest of our grandparents could have met her.)

Lila did ok in the car. The way down was a bit…well…screamier, than the way home. Lila has never been a fan of being in her car seat for long periods of time, and we hit traffic pretty much the whole way down. I ended up sitting in the back with her for much of the ride down, and attempted to distract her as much as I could. We drove home late afternoon/evening, and she ended up sleeping for most of it, since it was bedtime.

Lila once again was fantastic away from home. She napped, slept at night, and in general, just proved to everyone that Jon and I must totally be making up all our stories about her fits and fussiness.

Virginia was beautiful–green, rolling hills, lots of horse farms, and the cutest downtown area. We were very close to DC, and got to see the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial from the highway on our way home. We can’t wait to take Lila there someday!

Surprisingly, I didn’t take too many photos while we were away. But we did manage to get a couple of definite keepers.


(Lila trying to chew on dad’s head. She loves sitting up there on his shoulders.)



(Lila with her great-grandma.)


(4 generations!)

And my fave shot:


(Joe, I didn’t get any pics with you or I in them! Next time, promise!)

Friday we stopped by a friend’s house on the way out of town, and I took these next photos with one of her lenses–which I am now in love with. (Jon, if you’re reading, take note!)




Tomorrow Lila will be 6 months old. I can NOT believe it. I am working on a different post for that, stay tuned. And maybe bring tissues.