September 2009

I know, once again, it’s been too long since my last post! We are crazy busy this week (and last), so I only have time to pop in for this quick teaser photo. I will be back over the weekend with more, promise!


She LOVES the swings. Loves her people-watching, and loves doing things that she’s not supposed to be doing (meaning, she is definitely too small for this swing–I am literally inches from her the entire time she is “swinging”, meaning, moving back and forth like 12 inches total). I have a feeling this is only the beginning of her testing us.

Yeah, yeah, groan away. I can rhyme if I want to, it’s my blog! 🙂

So this past weekend we went to Gracie’s grandparents’ house to celebrate her first birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. I wish the weather had been nicer for us, but we had a blast playing in Gigi and Pappa’s new sun room. Gracie is SUCH a ham.

Without further ado…pics!


(The Birthday Girl herself, crawling through Gigi’s coffee table.)




(Lila with her Nana & Gumpa–my now fave shot of them.)


(Gracie watching the slideshow with mom.)


(Lila and her friend, C.)


(Cupcake Magic. Gracie’s face is hilarious here.)


(Not bad, Gracie! I’ve seen much worse.)


(Lila getting some love from her Aunt Caitlin.)




(Aaand, now it’s time for a nap.)

Happy First Birthday, Gracie, we love you!