I know! Another post, so soon!

I was going to upload another series of photos I have of Lila, but took these today, and wanted to do these instead. Miss Thing is a busy girl lately, with trying to figure out how to crawl, and cutting her two top eye teeth–painful!

She’s also going through some stranger anxiety, so really is not a fan of anyone other than mom or dad (and sometimes even only mom will do). Hopefully that will be a short-lived stage!

Here are a couple of shots of the little one, she wasn’t all that amused at first.



The next two are a clue about her Halloween costume. Those of you who know, please don’t tell!! Not that it’s a big secret, but I thought it would be fun if people guessed what she was going to be.



(And no, she’s not going to be a French mime!)

We have a busy few weeks coming up, as usual. But I will hopefully have some news about crawling–she’s SO close!!