I know what you’re all thinking: more excuses for not posting for a whole month. And yes, I have some good excuses (busy business, woohoo, busy with friends/family), but I’ll spare you the details. We’re just busy.

But! I have pictures! And we all know that’s really why you stop by. That’s why I stop by.

First though, Lila update. She is AWESOME. She’s crawling everywhere, getting into everything. Her favorite “no-nos” are the cords under my desk and the stairs. She’s pulling to standing, and loves the coffee table for this. Or her crib. There’s nothing cuter than walking into her room after a nap (which…yeah. still a catnapper), and seeing her standing in her crib waiting to be rescued.

We got a Christmas tree on Sunday, some of you may have seen this on Facebook. So far, she could care less that there’s a big old tree in her living room. We think this may change tonight…something about shiny glass ornaments and lights may be slightly more enticing than a boring plain tree. Good thing we’ve had a few years practice in putting all the non-breakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree with Roxie.

Lila as of yesterday weighs 17lbs, 12.5oz (30%), and is 27.75″ long (57%). We’re halving her reflux meds, because she’s been so much better about spitting up all the live long day. Hopefully she’s just outgrowing the reflux.

Lila will blow kisses if we ask her to–she doesn’t use her hand, she just makes the noise with her mouth. It is SO CUTE. She also says “da-da-da-da”, and everything is “a-DA!”. She recognizes herself in photos, and loves the mirror.

She is slowly trying solid foods, which is sometimes fun, sometimes nerve-wracking. She has a straaange palate. Her favorite foods right now are pickles (we cut them up and give to her in a mesh bag–they’re still too hard for her to eat on her own), extra sharp cheddar cheese (not mild cheese, no thanks), hummus, and Cheerios, of course. She will eat almost anything once, but still really doesn’t like fruit. She liked a piece of pineapple I gave her last week, so we’re going to try that again this week. She doesn’t like bananas or avocado. She also loves pasta (with or without red sauce) and meatballs (turkey and beef)–she IS part Italian, after all! She’s drinking out of a sippy cup, but we still do bottles for her milk. She is fresh about taking a bottle or sippy cup from anyone during the day (read: she just flat out won’t, 90% of the time), but she will take a bottle before bed.

I can’t believe it’s been 9 months already. This year is just a blur of craziness. It’s time for breakfast over here, but I’ll leave you with some pics I took of Lila this past month. After all, the pics are the most important part!

(loving the coffee table!)

(this was Tree Day…I love her hat! And yes, it’s a “boy hat”)

Life is good. 🙂