I have updated the biz blog with this week’s photo!

Lila is still sick…it’s been a fun week. We found out on Wed that she has an ear infection, so we had to postpone our plans for this weekend (Lila’s first plane ride!). But we will be making that trip soon, with a healthy little girl instead, which will be much better all around.

We’ve pretty much stayed close to home this week, b/c of her cold and ears. She’s been napping great this week, and I’m sure it’s b/c she’s sick. She’ll be back to her catnaps in no time, yippee.

She’s also started saying mama again! Not all the time, and if you ask her to say it, she’ll reply with “DADA!”. Fresh. But she is waving hi and bye to everyone she runs into, and she blows me kisses all day long. It’s the best.

We met with Early Intervention this week, and her coordinator said that Lila is doing awesome. She also warned me that she’ll be walking soon–time to finish up that babyproofing! Lila is pushing all 138 of her pushtoys around the living room–she’s not so great at turning them, so she just walks until she crashes into something, and then turns around to look at me like “hellooo, help, please!”. She also LOVES dancing. She’ll “dance” (read: bob her head from side to side) for no reason at all. But she’ll stand up and dance like a maniac for Mickey. Mickey is her favorite these days, and I think it’s adorable. I can’t wait until she’s old enough for Disney World.

We are starting to plan her first birthday party (OMG, SOB), I can not believe it’s been a whole year almost.

I’ll leave you with a couple of outtakes from this week’s project. Happy Weekend!