Lila will be one year old in one month.




I am speechless at how quickly the last year has flown by. There were times when I felt it couldn’t move any slower, but wow, here we are. We are planning her party (well, one of us is), and it just feels surreal! I was going to write a “Dear Lila, you are 11 months old” post, but I’ve decided to save it all for the Big Post in a month. I should start writing it now though!

Lila’s latest “trick” that makes us stop everything is when she decides to stop holding on to anything, and just stands there. STANDING. On her own. EEEK! She realizes what she’s doing after a couple of seconds, and immediately grabs on to something, or sits down quickly, as if she couldn’t believe she was doing it either. She now likes to “walk” everywhere, holding on to my fingers. It won’t be long now!!

Lila also had her first ear infection last week, so we had to cancel our trip to see Lila’s grandma, grandpa, and great-grandma over the weekend. We have rescheduled though, so we will get to see everyone soon! I’m a bit nervous about her first plane ride, but I’m hoping she once again proves me wrong and is a great traveler. If not, well, it will just have to be cocktail hour when we land–at 10am.

My latest project post is up on the biz blog. My parents were here this week, watching my niece. She was pretty sick last week with pneumonia, and was in the hospital for a few days. But she is on the mend, thankfully. We spent a couple of days with them, I love how comfortable Lila is getting with people. She no longer screams if I leave her side, and recognizes them when she sees them, with a little smile and a shy wave.

Here are some extras from the past couple of days. Be sure to check out Week 4 over at MJP too! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

(saying “hellooo”!)

(Grandparents/family, don’t worry, I will be uploading ALL new pics to Lila’s galleries for you very soon! Like this weekend. Promise. And I have a BUNCH, b/c I am trying to stay on top of editing this year. So far, I am totally caught up!)