I’m late with last week’s blog update, sorry. 🙂 Crazy busy week, and we were away with no internet access for 4 days. Thank god for my iphone, I was starting to twitch a little!

I’ll keep this short, because I’m posting this week’s image/update tomorrow or Wednesday, and that’ll be a good one, from our trip this past weekend (see: Lila’s first plane ride! 28″ of snow! Lila’s first tractor ride! Lots of exclamation points involved!). In short, last week was low-key, just errands, napping, and hanging out. Still loving Mickey, and standing on her own for a second or two at a time.

You’ll want to go to my biz blog for the project image, but here are some old pics I was FINALLY able to edit while we were away. I can finally say that I am totally caught up on editing 2009 pics. No, SERIOUSLY. I can barely believe it myself. It feels awesome. These are from Nov/Dec.

And one newer one, from last week.