Lila went on her first plane ride last week. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about Miss High Maintenance, and how she’d do with the new noises, people, experiences–and once again, she proved me totally wrong.

She was a champion traveler. She not only was happy and quiet while we were checking in (with 20 minutes until our flight took off…that was interesting) and going through security, she was awesome on the plane. Smiling, happy, chatting, and waving at everyone. Her ears didn’t bother her at all, and she didn’t get loud or upset on either flight. I’m now in the process of booking our trip to Hawaii.

Kidding! (I WISH I were making that phone call, haha.)

We flew to DC to see Jon’s family. And given my no-longer-shocking tendency for impeccable timing, we flew in Friday morning, right as their Epic Snowstorm was beginning. We were housebound for 3 days, barely making it out of there on Monday, before the next storm hit. We did have a great time with everyone though. Lila napped pretty well, and slept fine the 3rd night–the first 2 nights, she decided it was Wheeee!! Playtime!!! from 9:30pm-12:00am, so that was fun.

Here are some pics I took over the weekend, I think when we left on Monday, the snowfall was around 28″ for them.

(this is their front yard; there is also a buried car in this shot!)

The guys went out to shovel on Saturday afternoon, after the snow started to let up.

While Grandma and Lila and I stayed in. Those guys are so good to us!

(Lila’s new buddy, who was super tolerant…quite the opposite of our monster, Roxie.)

Our trip out of all of this was quite interesting. Jon’s mom lives on a hill, in a valley. That probably doesn’t make much sense. Let me put it this way: we had to go down a 1/3 mile long driveway (down a hill), to go back up a hill that is their road, to get out to the main road. And their road was not plowed. A tractor had made a small path, that was still snow-covered, but allowed people to walk up to the main road, or the tractors to come down. The tractors were plowing the driveways, as plows hadn’t made it down to this area yet. The one plow that did come, broke.

(looking up the street)

(the tractor plowing their driveway)

(the broken plow–you can see the sheer volume of snow here!)

So to get out to the main road, Jon and his step-dad took our rental car, and cautiously went down the driveway. Then backed up on the road, to get a running start, and just went for it. They made it up to the top–we were all SHOCKED, and came back for Lila & I. We all walked down the ice-covered driveway (I was wearing Lila in an Ergo carrier), and walked up the road to the car. About 1/2 way up, their neighbor came up behind us on his tractor, and Lila and I got a ride to the car. Oh yes, you read that right! Lila’s first tractor ride. Sitting in her Ergo, strapped to me, standing on a tractor. It was definitely interesting.

Sooo, that was our adventure-filled weekend! We made it to our flight home, with 13 minutes to spare, and came home to grass (brown, but still), it was so strange.

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