I posted my new weekly image over on my business blog! I don’t have other images to add to this week’s post just yet, b/c I’ve been busy working on the sessions I had last week. I will try to get some “bonus” Lila images up here tomorrow or Friday though.

For now, here are a couple of random pics I never put on here.

(August 2009, in her room.)

(November 2009, on our way to get our Christmas tree.)

If you’re on my Facebook, you know that Lila took her first “official” steps this week. Real, intentional steps. She’s not walking yet by any means, but she will take steps here and there if we set her up to do so. She gets SO excited, it’s adorable.

I am working like crazy these days, to get everything ready for her birthday next week. I can NOT believe she’s going to be one. Our plan for the day (yay that it’s a Saturday) is to go to the NICU at Children’s in the morning, and say hello to everyone, drop off some goodies, and show off what an amazing job they all did last year. Then it’s back home for celebrating with family and friends!! And lots of tears from mom, I’m sure.

Let the countdown begin.