March 2010

I promise, the birthday recap is coming. This weekend! But I wanted to sneak in this week’s 52 weeks project in the meantime, since I just put it up on the business blog.

Here are some additional pics, as always! 🙂


The Birthday Post is coming, promise!! I’m just getting this one up first, because I still have to edit the party photos.

My weekly project photo is now up on my biz blog. But you guys know I always post extras here, so I came right over to do so. We were outside yesterday, enjoying the balmy 40 degree weather, and wishing for spring.

And woke up to snow. UGH. Mother Nature, seriously. There are a lot of moms and little kids DREAMING about the park, going for walks, running around in the grass, swings, slides, and wagon rides. Cut us some slack, will ya?

Onward to the photos, I have to get moving on that birthday post before she turns 2!

Lila grinning at mom, taken by photographer Megan Moore.

(LOVE this pic!! She’s such a goofball!)