WOW, I am such a slacker! I have a ton to catch up on here.

Lila’s getting older by the day. She’s walking, running, talking up a STORM, and has a brand new fresh sassy attitude to go along with it all. She certainly has a mind of her own, and isn’t afraid to show it (to us, anyway–she’s still shy towards most people she’s not around a lot). She’s such a tomboy too–certainly not delicate or cautious. She’ll dive head-first off the couch if I let her, and doesn’t even flinch over skinned knees.

She can tell us the sounds a snake, owl, monkey, cow, sheep, and pig make, and sometimes a dog and cat too. Her pig says “la la la!” though, after the Sandra Boynton book. 🙂 It’s adorable. She can also say a ton of words…off the top of my head: mama, dada, Lila, hi, bye-bye, all done, whoa, tubba (tub), pizza, cheese, water, bubbles, dog, ball, up, Roxie (this one is a stretch, but I can recognize it), and sometimes Gracie (her cousin).

In April, we attempted pics of Gracie & Lila at Easter…these were interesting.

We did also take some cute ones of them on their first Egg Hunt:

We also took the girls with some friends of ours to the Boston Marathon, which I posted about on my business blog here.

And lastly, we found out that Lila’s going to have a new cousin around November 10th! I’m trying to work on an 11/11 Birth Day for Gracie’s new little brother or sister, so we can share a birthday. 🙂

May has been an absolute whirlwind as well. So much so, that I’m SUPER behind on photos for May. But here are a few recent ones of the little monkey.

(Water table fun with her 2 best friends.)

(Isn’t her bathing suit the cutest thing ever??)

I’m working on getting caught up on the rest of the photos, and trying to post more! We have a super busy and fun-filled summer ahead of us, can’t wait!