A no frills blog created by my husband and I, in order to document the arrival of our first child, and the crazy whirlwind that follows.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. kathy Says:

    My prayers are with Lila, first, and you and Jon. May everyone have the strength to come through on the bright side, as soon as is practical.

    Love, Kathy

  2. Michele Madden Says:

    Megan & Jon,

    What a beautiful little girl! We’re all praying for you. Things are looking positive for Lila. Hang in there. You guys are strong. Keep the faith.

    Love, Chele

  3. Eleanore Bercury Says:

    Megan and Jon, She is absolutely gorgeous! I check your blog every morning before work. Please know that we are all still praying for and thinking of you every day. We know you’ll be home soon with your precious bundle . But for now, she’s in the best place she could be. Can’t wait to meet her!!! Love, Eleanore

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