Bonus post from me this week. Today was a good day, and I want to remember it.

Today, Lila:

– ate 3 good meals, for once; she still threw a lot on the floor, but a lot made it into her mouth, without a struggle
– took 2 good naps: over an hour each
– gives “hugs”, and omg, it is the best thing in the WORLD. If I ask her for a hug, she will lay her head down on my chest, and say “awww”. I about died.

Her cold is almost over too, YAY. Hopefully I can get rid of the chapped cheeks before Party Central next week.

I had to document some of today, so, bonus pics too!!

Seriously, with the red hair. Whose kid is this?? She is a bit clingy these days, so this is typical for us. I love it.

ALWAYS with something in her mouth.

Eating my lens cap.

Super charged with static electricity, from playing on the couch.

Oh, how I love good days.